About Us

Greenlite Glass Systems is a global leader in glass systems. With close to 200 mid and large scale projects completed worldwide over the last decade alone, Greenlite Glass provides unparalleled installation, manufacturing, distribution and technical support for a range of specialty glass products and glass systems. We partner with industry leaders in glass manufacturing and innovative glass technologies to offer our clients the best solution out there.


Greenlite Glass offers architects, designers and developers unique and exciting alternatives to traditional and non traditional glass applications with an emphasis on LEED criteria. Working with our clients, from Vegas hotels and Ivy League schools to hospitals and transit centres, we specialize in developing innovative solutions for including the hardest of design challenges. We provide value-add propositions by addressing environmental, safety and aesthetic benefits. We also pride ourselves in being the world leader in fire-rated glass floors having successfully patented the world’s first in 2009 and thereafter installing our flagship fire-rated system LITEFLAM® in over 100 projects worldwide to date.


Working with our global teams under President and founder Ryan Dennett (25 years glass systems industry experience) we insure that our clients have the highest level of quality and  technological advanced glass products available globally to make their vision a reality. Our product range includes fire-rated glass floors, walkable skylights, light-weight structural glass walls, to high performance insulated units for potential energy savings credits.


Some of the feats we are most proud of include:

  • World’s largest fire-rated glass flooring system globally (San Francisco Transbay Transit Centre 2017)
  • World’s first exterior fire-rated glass floor and skylight installation (LITEFLAM®) (New York University 2009)
  • Vetrotech 2016 Winner Most Innovative Project/Product (San Francisco Transbay Transit Centre)