LEDinGLASS: an active glass system that evenly diffuses multi-hued light to generate infinite colors and special effects. Unlike a traditional light source, here, it is the entire glass surface that lights up!


Applications include: shopping malls, boutiques and showrooms; bars, night clubs, restaurants, hotels and cruise ships; museums, sports centers, theatres, corporate headquarters, air terminals...



·  A concept that integrates turnkey hardware and personalized software

·  Animation of all types of glass both indoors (partitions, floors, ceilings, furniture…) and outdoors (double glazing walls, window and door frames, street furniture…)

·  Component traceability, allowing for identical replacement in the future

·  A seemingly invisible light source for infinite design options by day and by night

·  Simplicity:

      - Silent, instantaneous change of state

      - Simplified maintenance and programming

      - Assistance in design and programming


·  “Plug & Play” installation requiring no more than two QUANTUM GLASS™ certified contractors


·  An international network of certified installers + the guarantee of Saint-Gobain