LINIT Bendheim Wall Systems is a complete glazing system comprised of self-supporting glass channels within an extruded aluminum frame. Intermediate metal support bars are not necessary because of LINIT’s ‘U’ shape, which gives it strength capable of withstanding high wind loads or large spans. LINIT is durable, maintenance free and fully recyclable. 


RECYCLE : LINIT also uses as much as 40% post-consumer glass recycled from the municipal waste stream. Combined, approximately 60% recycled content is used in the production of LINIT channel glass.


LINIT provides solar protection, thermal insulation and sound control allowing Architects and Designers to use glass in applications where previously other building materials would have been necessary. This creates an opportunity to bring natural light to areas that otherwise would require artificial lighting. The LINIT system is well suited to facades, stairwells and internal glazing and is quick and simple to install.