Everything You Need To Know About PRIVA-LITE Glass

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Are you looking for a modern solution for privacy or an alternative to blinds or curtains in your business space? PRIVA-LITE glass is an ideal solution for a variety of situations, providing opaque to transparent glass on-demand in commercial buildings and properties.


As a global leader in glass systems, Greenlite Glass Systems is your best choice for PRIVA-LITE glass suppliers. Keep reading to learn more about PRIVA-LITE and why it’s the ideal choice for your location.

What is PRIVA-LITE Glass?

PRIVA-LITE or privacy glass – also known as smart glass or intelligent glass – is a switchable glass used for adaptive partitioning in locations that require customized privacy. This modern system utilizes Liquid Crystal technology to provide instant privacy at the flick of a switch through electronically controlled translucency.

Liquid Crystal molecules, in their natural state, are scattered randomly which creates an opaque frosted effect to block vision and allow for full privacy while still letting light through. These liquid crystals align when electricity is applied, causing the glass to instantly turn transparent.

What are the Applications of PRIVA-LITE Glass?

PRIVA-LITE glass can be used almost anywhere you would use regular glass and is installed in a similar manner as well. PRIVA-LITE glass can also be incorporated into double glazing or fire-rated glazing; curved, silk-screened, or sandblasted; and used as either a front or rear projection screen with high resolution for superb image reproduction.

Moreover, switchable glass is ideal for a variety of applications where transparent to opaque glass is required. Privacy glass can be used both interiorly and exteriorly for a wide range of design and media uses on:

    • Floor panels and counters
    • Display cases and screens
    • Front or back projection screens/multimedia walls
    • Windows, single or double glazed facades

What are the Benefits of PRIVA-LITE Glass?

Not only does PRIVA-LITE have a large range of application, but is also an innovative solution with a variety of privacy, design, and cost benefits, such as:

  • Instant, easy, and silent switching between transparent and opaque states for adaptable privacy and media uses
  • Allows for a more modern look by removing the need for blinds or curtains
  • Completely obscures view without compromising light transmission
  • Low power consumption. PRIVA-LITE glass only uses 0-3 W/m2, depending on its state.
  • Long-term durability and reliability, including a 5-year warranty
  • No maintenance costs

Further, PRIVA-GLASS offers a solution to a number of issues as well:

  • Switchable glass addresses the need of privacy by offering an adaptable, modern solution, whether it is needed for confidentiality, to foster concentration, or simply for seclusion.
  • It maximizes light transmission and energy efficiency. PRIVA-LITE glass allows instant control over the light transmission, reducing the need for and cost of artificial lighting.
  • PRIVA-LITE provides strengthened functional flexibility by improving space utilization.

Are you looking for a modern privacy or design solution for your building? PRIVA-LITE offers a sleek, attractive option for a range of privacy, design, and media applications.

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