July 2, 2020 Are Walkable Glass Skylights Strong Enough To Hold Their Own in Rough Weather?

Walkable skylights are a wonderful rooftop and decking application to enhance the appeal of your commercial facility or institution. They bring life to your architectural design vision. If you’re in the market for a glass skylight but secretly worry about its ability to withstand harsh American climates – whether they be high winds, hail, snowstorms, intense heat, and the likes – we’re here to placate your fears!

While walkable skylight suppliers are plenty, there is just a handful in the U.S. market that offers quality solutions configured to your custom specifications. Greenlite Glass Systems is committed to providing innovative solutions that truly go the distance!

LITEFLAM is Greenlite’s patented fire-rated glass application and the very first exterior fire-rated walkable skylight system. Because this system is designed to allow natural daylight to flood through your commercial facility, you can SAVE tremendously on your monthly energy bill.

Whether you install this application on the roof or in subterranean levels in the facility, you won’t have to depend on artificial lighting to create a well-lit environment. Not only will your occupants enjoy a vibrant and productive atmosphere within which to function, but you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint by not relying on artificial light sources.

While that’s all well and good, you might be concerned about the skylight’s ability to maintain its integrity in harsh and inclement weather conditions. Below we explain how LITEFLAM is expertly engineered to resist deterioration even in the face of the most gruelling elements!


Extremely Sturdy and Fire Resistant

LITEFLAM uses advanced technology to perform even in the most demanding environments. It is a fire-rated glass flooring application and serves as a firestop to prevent the transfer of smoke, radiant heat, and flames from penetrating into your facility by compartmentalizing the interior spaces.

LITEFLAM’s superior durability allows it to withstand all weather conditions like snow loads, hail, harsh sunlight, and rain. The walkable skylight system has been proven in over 100 projects around the world to be fire-resistant for 1-2 hours – making it one of the best choices for exterior glazed systems for Insulated Glass assembly in North America.


Impressive Load-Bearing Capacity

LITEFLAM has been tested extensively to ensure that it can take rigorous internal and external pressures. This walkable skylight application meets federal safety codes and structural design standards, thus achieving both safety and redundancy. LITEFLAM adheres to all IBC (International Building Codes) requirements including ballistic impact ratings as well as thermal and live load codes.

We configure to your customized expectations. While LITEFLAM has a deceptively slim profile (3.5” thickness), you can have the glass designed to take loads that exceed the standard 100 pounds per square foot (psf). The ability to take on such impacts lends it amazing survivability rates. During heavy hail storms or when snow accumulates on the skylight, you won’t need to worry about LITEFLAM giving way, cracking or shattering. It is sturdier than its traditional flooring counterparts.

Because of minimal repair and maintenance costs, you can save on cost over the life cycle of the building. And when repair or maintenance is called for, you can remove only those individual panels that need attention rather than dismantling the entire assembly. There is an optional sacrificial sheet that allows the owner to replace the top light and not the entire unit.


Non-Slip Surface Resists Moisture

There is a misconception that glass flooring applications, in particular, are slippery and not at all suited for high volumes of foot traffic. LITEFLAM is designed to be water- and moisture-resistant. You can opt to have a non-slip Frit (patterns or dots) surface. The Frit is a baked-on ceramic that will endure over time. This prevents hazards during a rainy day or even if there is an accidental spill within the facility. Because of LITEFLAM’s wide scope of operability, this novel flooring system is being used in commercial enterprises more and more around the USA.


Suitable for Coastal and Non-Coastal Applications

LITEFLAM can tackle both coastal and non-coastal applications with ease. Especially around coastal regions, corrosive elements tend to wreak havoc on constructional components. LITEFLAM is able to resist pressures, high winds and drastic temperature fluctuations. This non-corrosive system keeps your interiors and the possessions within them well protected from anything the weather might have in store.


Regulates Indoor Temperatures All Year Round

LITEFLAM offers solar coating options to contribute to overall solar control. Whether your facility witnesses heavy wind, rain or snow, the interiors remain cool in the summer and warm during the brutal winter months. It seals in indoor temperatures, ensuring that you do not have to spend exorbitant sums every month due to poor insulation or leakage of conditioned air.


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Enjoy great design flexibility and outstanding durability with LITEFLAM.


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