Cost-Savings and Durable: Discover Why LITEFLAM Fire-Rated Glass Floors are the BEST Option for Your Facility!


Are you looking for a glass flooring solution that is not only visually appealing but also prevents the transfer of heat or flames from one level to the next? Great news. There’s an exciting addition to exterior fire-rated glass floors – LITEFLAM!


Why Exterior Fire-Rated Glass Floors Have Become the Go-To Option for Facility Owners

Exterior fire-rated glass floor installations have become popular in recent times, with one of the most prominent examples being the fire-rated glass flooring and walkable skylight system installed in San Francisco’s Salesforce Transit Center. Glass has been used as a flooring system for quite some time, however, a newer addition to the mix is fire-rated floors that perform dual functions. Not only do they add a sophisticated flair, but they also act as a code-approved fire barrier between different levels in a facility.

Can LITEFLAM Flooring Keep Up With Your Building’s Extensive Demands?

Speaking of glass floors that combine form and function, LITEFLAM is an industry-grade fire-rated glass system that is suited for walkable skylights and glass flooring. It encapsulates the essence of modern-day architecture. These applications are perfect If you’ve always envisioned your facility as having plenty of daylight penetrating through so that its occupants can enjoy added comfort while you enjoy reduced electrical costs.

Sturdy and Fire-Resistant

Not only does LITEFLAM flooring facilitate the entry of natural light, it also performs as promised – a sturdy walking surface that prevents heat, smoke and flames from infiltrating your facility. Because of its durability, it makes for perfect indoor and outdoor fixtures such as lobby ceilings and floors, corridor floors, atrium exteriors, outdoor egress areas and the likes.

Proven Results in Over 100 Projects

Used in over 100 projects since 2006, LITEFLAM’s fire-rated flooring has been widely lauded as creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for the facility itself and for all areas in close proximity. Greenlite won the 2017 Green Design Award from US Glass Magazine for the NMAAHC in Washington DC. These applications distinguish themselves from other products that claim to offer similar functions quite simply. The flooring system is so advanced that it can accommodate significant loads and resist fire for 1-2 hours, thus becoming one of the few exterior glazed applications in North America capable of offering that kind of protection. The ultimate goal with this glass is to allow natural lighting to flood all the subterranean levels in your building or to build glass bridges that also require fire-separators.

Traditional flooring systems required additional materials such as corrugated steel or concrete to ward off fire. LITEFLAM allows glazing in spaces that have to be fire-resistant and wherein the owner might want to dramatically increase the visual effects between each of the facility’s levels. This is why it has become a popular option in restaurants, hotels universities, departments stores, corporate offices and the likes.

Move Away From the Norm. Customize Your Flooring as You Like It!

Greenlite Glass understands that each building comes with its own set of architectural demands – whether they be loading requirements or design preferences. LITEFLAM’s non-slip walkable surface can be engineered to withstand much higher loads than the standard 100 psf live loading.

Because LITEFLAM employs a modular system, even if one of the individual panels was to get damaged upon impact, it can be easily replaced without compromising the integrity of the entire system. Greenlite takes care of all your customization needs by offering glass panel sizes in a variety of dimensions as well as accommodates sandblasted glass and decorative colour frits. It is this design creativity that lets professionals send us their specifications in a whole host of horizontal applications that were traditionally only reserved for opaque heat- and fire-blocking materials.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It. LITEFLAM Comes With its Own References!

This one-of-a-kind system by LITEFLAM was the very first tested and proven fire-rated glass flooring application. Its achievements don’t end there. LITEFLAM is also the first exterior fire-rated glass flooring and skylight system. LITEFLAM has now become the first AAMA tested sheet that supports standalone replacement without necessitating a replacement of the full assembly. This flooring is tested by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and Southwest Research Institute Laboratories (SwRI).

Are you ready to make a powerful design statement with LITEFLAM?


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Benefits of Having PRIVA-LITE Active Glass

For many institutional, industrial and commercial facilities, privacy can be difficult to come by. Between trying to maintain confidentiality and finding innovative ways to keep out bandits and other unauthorized personnel, investing in a functional system that delivers privacy and confidentiality on demand quickly becomes a priority for your facility. However, finding a system that blends in seamlessly with your existing design isn’t always easy–luckily, PRIVA-LITE active glass is an all-encompassing solution designed to meet the needs of your unique application.

Did you know Greenlite provides complete services for fire-rated glass floors including design of fire-rated glass floors, support for fire-rated glass floors and distribution of fire-rated glass floors all over North America? 

Offering complete design flexibility and unparalleled convenience on top of privacy, your occupants can confidently say goodbye to the days of manually drawing the blinds closed or having to relocate to a more secluded area for private meetings. With PRIVA-LITE glass, your occupants can have privacy on demand by simply flicking a switch.

Greenlite Glass Systems is an industry leader in North America and a proud supplier of PRIVA-LITE glass. Carrying a wide variety of active glass, safety glass, and energy-saving glass systems, Greenlite will surely have a solution for your unique application needs. Interested to learn more about PRIVA-LITE and how it could benefit your facility? Keep reading to discover the highlights:

What is PRIVA-LITE glass?

Comprised of two 5mm panes of glass–clear or tinted, depending on your application–and a liquid crystal interlayer film, PRIVA-LITE glass is designed to transform ordinary-looking glass into a translucent, frosted glass that effectively blocks out prying eyes and other distractions nearby.

Providing occupants with complete privacy at the flick of a switch, PRIVA-LITE can be turned on and off at the user’s will. When the glass is switched off from its special power supply, the liquid crystals are randomly scattered, obstructing the view of occupants on both sides of the glass. However, when switched on, these crystals then line up and reorient themselves, turning the PRIVA-LITE glass totally transparent for complete clarity–perfect for facilities hoping to achieve the all-glass aesthetic.

Adds Aesthetic Appeal

Looking to segregate parts of your facility, but don’t want it to look and feel too enclosed or outdated? Then PRIVA-LITE active glass is the ideal solution for your application. Effortlessly creating multi-functional spaces within your facility, PRIVA-LITE adapts and responds to the needs of your occupants at the flick of a switch. Often used as partition screens, windows and more, PRIVA-LITE glass is an easy way to add a unique and modern visual appeal to your facility.

Enhances Privacy

Interested in the following suit with the latest design trends, starting with an all-glass aesthetic for your up-and-coming facility or project, but worried about privacy concerns? While back in the day, an all-glass interior would leave occupants with little to no privacy on-site, PRIVA-LITE glass shatters the norms with its unique ability to provide complete privacy at the flick of a switch. Gone are the days of awkwardly pulling down the curtains before a private meeting–PRIVA-LITE can be activated and deactivated remotely, blocking out prying eyes with minimal to no work on your part.

Enhances Safety & Security

Beyond its unparalleled technological features, this state-of-the-art active glass also works to enhance the safety and security of facilities like yours. Having been tested in accordance with the CENELEC European Standard, PRIVA-LITE glass will ensure that your security requirements are met no matter where or how you choose to make use of it.

Made of laminated glass, PRIVA-LITE can also be combined with a range of bullet-resistant glazing and fire-resistant glazing to further protect your facility from potential harm including security breaches, fire, flames, smoke, and more.


Tired of having to manually draw the curtains closed in your all-glass facility? PRIVA-LITE active glass offers convenience to you and your occupants unlike ever before. Utilizing the most innovative technology available, PRIVA-LITE lets users turn the active glass on and off remotely. Providing facilities with an open-office feel one minute and complete privacy the next, PRIVA-L

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Is Your Facility Fire Protected? The VDS Fire-Rated Curtain Wall is Just the Solution You Need!

Is your facility fire-resistant? When the stakes are this high, it never hurts to be as cautious as you possibly can be! This article explains how a fire-rated curtain wall manufacturer can provide the right solution at the right time.


Modern architecture has made quite some progress in protecting our neighbourhoods and cities from fire hazards, more so than they were a couple of decades ago. Today’s business facilities are equipped with intuitive and advanced smoke sensors to combat life-threatening situations. In fact, firefighters even have updated safety protocol and equipment to address newer (and potentially more disastrous) types of fire hazards. In Canada, we have stringent federal fire safety codes and other such building regulations to not only prevent the outbreak of a fire but also drastically minimize the risks when fires do occur.

While all of this information still stands true, there are plenty of buildings that, nonetheless, fall prey to the ever-increasing threat of a fire. Published studies reveal that commercial fires are trickier to escape, given their rapid flashover rates. This means that firefighters have less time to respond and reach the building before it’s too late.

Above all else, guaranteeing the safety of the occupants in your building is absolutely critical. Fire-resistant and self-supporting constructions offer you that added level of safety and protection. In this regard, the VDS® CURTAIN WALL is a powerful anti-fire solution – and just what your facility needs! Essentially, it is a comprehensive fire-rated steel curtain wall that brings with it several significant advantages.

An Excellent Fire-Resistive Framing Solution to Combat Smoke, Heat and Flames

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase, “it spread like wildfire.” Don’t let this be your facility’s reality! The VDS fire curtain has far-reaching applications to lend your facility a well-rounded fire-resistant outlook. This solution works perfectly with partitions, doors and window frames to cement their fire-resistive properties. Essentially, this means that, if a fire does break out, it will be contained or restricted to a single room rather than spreading to the entire facility. The VDS fire-rated curtain wall acts as an excellent barrier to heat, flame and smoke. It prevents their passing – not only from room to room but also from level to level!

This particular product has proven itself to be ideal for all sorts of applications – in both exterior and interior openings. Its thermal break feature just adds to the comprehensive performance of the system. This barrier is so formidable, in fact, that it is capable of resisting radiant heat from 60-120 minutes!

Offers Hard-to-Resist Design Flexibility

The ideal architecture combines both form and function. Why compromise on the visuals of your structure when you don’t have to? In view of this, the VDS® CURTAIN WALL is slim, multifunctional and comes with an irresistible aesthetic appeal. It is structurally sound and offers streamlined design flexibility. The bottom line? Your structure can enjoy higher and longer spans, owing to the tight tolerances and clean lines that come with the extruded aluminum!

The curtain boasts of a very slender sidelight of about 1-¾” or 2-⅜” and an individual profile design as well as versatile surface treatments. It lends generous transparency and appearance over quite a sizeable area. Its impressive spectrum of performance doesn’t end there. The VDS fire-rated curtain is also suited to multiple storeys, up to a height of 16’ 5”!

It is this extraordinary freedom of design that lets you harmonize all the various components within your facility. An environment that’s safe and pleasing to the eye will only bode well for your occupants and your operations!

Tested and Approved So That You Can Sleep Easy!

None of the above claims would elicit your trust until the VDS fire-rated curtain came with a field-tested and proven endorsement. And, quite honestly, it does just that! It is well suited to those areas that experience a heavy flow of traffic and as such, have robust constructional demands.

This system has proven itself many times over. When in the field, the fire-resistant glazing and doors hold their own for 40/60/90 and 120 minutes – depending on your requirements. Added to that, the fire-rated system is code-approved and abides by only the most stringent requirements as far as its ability to withstand stress are concerned.

Protect Your Facility and its Occupants. Invest in a Solution That Will Go the Distance!

More Details on VDS FIRE FRAME SYSTEM – Click Here.


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Project Review: The National Museum of African American History and Culture

Since February 2012, Greenlite Glass has been working on a groundbreaking project with various other suppliers and companies to construct a complex 400,000 square-foot building like no other in Washington, DC. Over 4 years of construction later, the building–now known as the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC)–opened its doors to the public in September 2016.

Since then, Greenlite Glass has been honoured with the 2017 Green Design Award from US glass magazine for its contribution to the NMAAHC. Featuring fire-rated glass floors from Greenlite, in addition to glass curtain walls, skylights, glass soffits, and more, the NMAAHC has also been certified as LEED Gold, the first honour of its kind for any building on the National Mall.

Discover the Fire Rated Glass Floors NMAAHC Used

To complement the architectural design and aesthetics of the building, the NMAAHC utilizes fire-rated glass systems supplied by Greenlite Glass. More specifically, the NMAAHC features LITEFLAM XT 120, a state-of-the-art fire-rated glass floor constructed with Contraflam fire-rated glass from Vetrotech Saint-Gobain.

Thanks to the exclusive properties of LITEFLAM XT 120, architects were able to take advantage of the product’s unique selling points:

  • Fire-Resistance (up to 2 hours)
  • Impact-Resistance (standard live loading of 150psf)
  • Energy Efficiency

Strategically placed in the 400,000 square-foot NMAAHC, LITEFLAM XT 120’s unique properties allow for natural light to pass through the lower levels of the museum–where artificial light would otherwise be used as a light source. Conveniently, LITEFLAM also promotes energy-efficiency; by encouraging the use of natural light, LITEFLAM XT 120 helps reduce overall operational costs used towards lighting and heating.

Further, not only does it stop flames from spreading, the state-of-the-art glass floor system also stops heat and air conditioning from escaping. Known as the first tested fire-rated glass floor system and exterior fire-rated glass floor/skylight system, the LITEFLAM is unparalleled in the industry.

The Specifics of the LITEFLAM XT 120

LITEFLAM XT 120 is Greenlite Glass Systems’ proprietary fire-rated glass system that is both impact-resistant and fire-rated for up to 120 minutes. As one of the exterior glazed insulated glass assembly in North America, LITEFLAM helps keep fire, flames and smoke out in case of an emergency.

Beyond that, LITEFLAM XT 120 can be used as a durable, non-slip walking surface with approved loads of 150 psf. To further guarantee its safety, Greenlite Glass Systems including LITEFLAM have been listed by the South West Research Institute Laboratories (SwRI). Available for both interior and exterior applications, LITEFLAM has been used to complete over 100 projects worldwide since 2006, including the groundbreaking NMAAHC in Washington, DC.

About The US Green Glass Design Award

In order to be considered for the 2017 US Glass Green Design Award, projects had to not only be attractive and energy-efficient but also had to feature unique glass and facade components.

Eligible projects were then further evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Energy performance benefits the glazing provides the project;
  • Sustainable attributes of the glazing systems used on this project;
  • Whether or not the building project is certified to any green building programs (different levels of LEED, Living Building Challenge, etc);
  • Design aspects used to enhance indoor environmental quality and occupant productivity (daylighting, views, comfort, and air quality/ventilation);
  • Unique/innovative design practices, specific to the glazing; and
  • Any other green/sustainable characteristics/ features.

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Environmentally Friendly, Modern Design with Walkable Skylights

If you’re looking for a fresh, modern design application to update your property, look no further than LITEFLAM walkable skylights. Walkable skylights provide a number of design, health, and environmental benefits, and LITEFLAM glass provides the structural and safety elements to meet almost any building criteria.

As a global industry leader, Greenlite Glass is your top choice for walkable skylight manufacturers, providing distribution and technical support for a variety of glass systems, including North America’s first exterior fire-rated glass floor and skylight installation at New York University.

Health, Energy, and Design Benefits of Walkable Skylights

Not only are walkable skylights a great, innovative and unique way to spruce up the design of your facility, but did you know they have also been shown to have significant health and energy-saving benefits as well?

Keep reading to learn more about walkable skylights and the benefits of these installations.

Health Benefits

Skylights have been used in building design for centuries as a way to extend the reach of sunlight. When installed in a large opening on a roof, a skylight helps light facilities maximize natural daylight. In fact, a skylight allows in up to 5 times more natural light than a regular window.

What does this mean for your or your occupants’ health? Natural light is shown to have numerous health benefits for the human body. Not only does it help people be happier, healthier, and calmer, but it also is shown to significantly increase productivity levels.

Energy and Cash Savings

Skylights significantly increase the amount of natural light that is able to penetrate throughout your facility. In comparison to incandescent light, sunlight through a 14” skylight is equivalent to a 461 watts electric light bulk. Even on a cloudy day, a skylight would give no less than 100 watts of equivalent sunlight energy.

The addition of a skylight as a light source would minimize your facility’s use of natural electrical lights. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it will also help you save on utility bills.

Design Benefits

Beyond health and energy benefits, a walkable skylight provides a unique and innovative design element to your facility. With the addition of a walkable skylight, your building is immediately transformed into a sleek and modern facility.

At Greenlite Glass, we provide all the materials you need to customize your walkable skylight to your design needs and preferences. Our glass materials are created to meet any structural or aesthetic need, giving you your choice of texture, screenprint patterns, and colour.

Are you looking for a unique and innovative way to upgrade the design of your facility? With a walkable skylight, your building is given a sleek and modern design while also providing numerous health and energy-saving benefits.

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