January 23, 2019 Clear Skies Ahead: Walkable Glass Skylights Are IDEAL For These Architectural Projects


Walk on skylights are popular in urban infrastructure and afford that sense of instant luxury. These glass skylights are breaking traditional boundaries and ushering in an innovative age for the modern architect. They assist designers, city planners and safety inspectors in lending a visually stunning aura to commercial buildings, while also remaining compliant with 2019 structural fire safety codes.


LITEFLAM: The Modern Architect’s Walkable Glass Skylight System

Greenlite Glass Systems is a leading walkable skylight manufacturer in North America. Our proprietary fire-rated glass flooring system, LITEFLAM, is sleek and durable and complies with all the major thermal and load codes along with ballistic impact ratings.

LITEFLAM consists of individual slip-resistant panels that can be installed in walkable skylights and other such indoor and outdoor applications to brighten the interiors with natural lighting, allowing building owners to drastically cut down on energy consumption levels.

LITEFLAM is the first labelled and listed exterior fire-rated walkable skylight system in North America. It has been tested and certified by – UL/ULC – Underwriter Laboratories and SwRI – Southwest Research Institute Laboratories.

Here is a list of projects wherein this advanced walkable skylight system is best put to use:


1. Pedestal Paver Integration

If your project calls for installing a walkable skylight system into a roof paver layout, LITEFLAM is the ideal option for you. It has been expertly designed to add value to pedestal paver applications and can be configured as per your precise specifications. With a live loading capacity of 100 psf, LITEFLAM offers an excellent, trouble-free and sturdy usage. If you require a higher live loading capacity than this standard figure, LITEFLAM can be designed to accommodate any variation.


2. Green Rooftops and Terraces

Green rooftops offer a lavish and refreshing sight to passersby and occupants as they are usually characterized by walkable glass skylights and plenty of vegetation. They are increasingly incorporated into transit hubs, museums, high-rises and luxury shopping malls across metropolitan areas because of their unmatched aesthetic.

A popular example of a green roof to look at is the Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco, in which the team at Greenlite Glass Systems had a hand in the development and build of the walkable skylight. Another is the Vancouver Convention Centre.

These flora infused roofs are an ingenious styling given that they make use of plenty of otherwise neglected space, while also improving the surrounding air quality. The walkable glass skylights seen in these types of rooftops create a peaceful view for the occupants indoors, provide natural insulation and cut down on energy costs. Studies have shown that green roofs last longer than traditional roofing and they also help reduce the urban heat island effect.

LITEFLAM skylights let in plenty of daylight into the areas below while still enabling the roof to be used for a wide variety of purposes. It’s non-slip, moisture-resistant surface prevents potential hazards and accidents. Apart from this, LITEFLAM’s versatile design enables it to seamlessly blend into the green landscape, and stay compliant with industry standards and energy codes.


3. Indoor/Outdoor Bridges and Atriums

If your project entails an indoor/outdoor catwalk or bridge that requires a walkable glass surface, LITEFLAM is the perfect turnkey solution that is engineered for immediate use. By installing walk-on skylights in these locations, you can convert an otherwise bland area into an attractive masterpiece.

Moreover, these areas witness the highest amount of foot traffic over and above the other applications we’ve listed in this article. LITEFLAM creates functional and dynamic spaces and can withstand a live loading capacity of 100 psf or higher. Nothing is more stunning than the natural lighting effects created when daylight penetrates through the various subterranean levels in your structure with walkable skylights. Right from the rooftop to the basement you can enjoy an uninterrupted flow of light with the help of LITEFLAM.


4. Interior Flooring

Interior spaces are rendered all the more unique with walkable glass flooring systems.

The fire-rated glass allows for various design options to be accommodated into floors. The overriding benefit? LITEFLAM acts as a fire-resistant and fire-protective safety glass from 1-2 hours. It compartmentalizes fire, smoke and radiant heat in the event of a structural fire outbreak and gives occupants time to egress. LITEFLAM’s reinforced design prevents break-ins, further augmenting its safety features.

Because of LITEFLAM’s modular design, only those individual panels that require repair can be removed and replaced instead of pulling apart the entire system. A sacrificial sheet option is also available so that the top line can be replaced without replacing the unit. Attic stock can be ordered at the time of manufacturing.


5. Landings 

LITEFLAM has the ability to meet all your demanding requirements and cater to the unique design palette of the structure.

If its rigorous field testing is anything to go by, LITEFLAM has proven itself to be a sturdy and resilient system – one that can withstand incredible amounts of foot traffic while still preserving its watertight and slip-resistant integrity. Architects and occupants alike have reported that this system instantly adds a wow factor to its environs.

LITEFLAM is an Attractive Fire-Rated Safety Glass, Available For Immediate Installation and Use!

Highly durable, attractive, moisture- and slip-resistant, rigorously field-tested, and safety complaint as per the latest 2019 construction safety norms – LITEFLAM is the perfect solution for your next project.


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