May 12, 2020 Everything You Need To Know About VDS Fire Rated Curtain Walls

VDS Curtain Wall

Looking to upgrade or modernize your building’s aesthetic? Consider implementing state-of-the-art fire-rated curtain walls that offer complete design flexibility. VDS curtain walls use fire-rated glazing products to provide a fire-resistive and fire-protective framing solution that meets your demands without compromising your aesthetic. Designed with both functionality and safety in mind, the VDS curtain wall is structurally robust and is a preferred solution across various industries.

As a global industry leader and reputable fire-rated curtain wall supplier, Greenlite Glass Systems proudly carries a variety of safety glass solutions including the VDS Curtain Wall. To learn more about the state-of-the-art curtain wall and its advantages, keep reading:

What is VDS Fire Rated Curtain Walls?

The VDS curtain wall is a fire-rated steel curtain wall system engineered with precision to offer a durable barrier against radiant heat. With fire ratings from 60 to 120 minutes in both interior and exterior openings, VDS fire-rated curtain walls meet the fire-resistive demands of most buildings with ease. Keeping out fire, flames and smoke in case of emergencies, these innovative curtain walls act as a fire-stop when necessary. To further its overall performance, the VDS curtain wall also features a thermal break to help reduce or prevent the flow of thermal energy between conductive materials in case of a fire.

Designed with practicality in mind, VDS curtain walls also offer complete design flexibility without compromising the structural integrity of your building. Featuring streamlined aesthetic, clean lines and tight tolerances (typically associated with extruded aluminum), VDS curtain walls are unparalleled in the industry. Ideal for use in applications that require high-span and self-supporting construction, VDS curtain walls can be used as walls or partitions for separating your workspace, windows, and more.

The Benefits of VDS Fire Rated Curtain Walls

The VDS curtain wall is a comprehensive steel curtain wall system that offers monumental advantages such as:

  • Creativity – The VDS curtain wall allows you to perfectly harmonize components of your building to ensure the potential for freedom of design and uniformity
  • Conjoins – VDS curtain walls can be used in combination with CONTRAFLAM and Forster Fuego fire-resistant doors to further its performance
  • Customizable – Choose the appropriate level of fire-resistance that best suits your building’s needs (options include choosing from fire-ratings ranging from 60/90/120 minutes)
  • Durability – Constructed with reliable, fire-resistive materials such as fire-rated steel and/or glass, VDS fire-rated walls act as a fire stop when necessary, slowing or preventing the passage of flames within the building
  • Performance – VDS curtain walls are not only fire-resistant, but they’re also burglar, bullet, wind, rain, sound transference, and impact resistant.
  • Passive Design – With VDS curtain walls, you can have complete design flexibility over the building’s interior and exterior design, effortlessly achieving a high degree of aesthetic appeal. VDS curtain walls add to the passive design criteria by allowing larger glass panels and in turn, more natural light into the building.
  • Safety – Listed and labelled by Underwriters Laboratories Inc and the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, VDS fire-rated curtain walls are certified to help keep fire, flames and smoke out in case of an emergency
  • User-friendly – Fire-rated curtain walls are multi-functional, easy to install and can be assembled with ease using mechanical T-joints

Searching for a more contemporary look for your building? VDS Curtain Walls are a modern, state-of-the-art solution that delivers fire-resistive and fire-protective properties to protect your building from fire, smoke and impact.

As a global industry leader, Greenlite Glass Systems is a proud supplier of fire rated curtain walls in North America. Maintain aesthetics while enhancing the safety of your building with VDS curtain walls.

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