April 5, 2018 Fire Rated Glass Floor – Key Things To Know

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Have you joined the glass flooring bandwagon yet?

Glass floors have been in the market for some time now and are being utilized in various commercial buildings such as shopping malls, hotels, transit facilities and office buildings, to add a touch of sophistication. There are even some tourist attractions featuring huge glass floors for those who want to come face to face with their fear for heights. The latest development in glass flooring is fire rated glass floor that can block fire as well as smoke, besides facilitating amazing views and allowing light to pass through deep in the buildings. It serves as a fire barrier between different floors such as atriums, and other public areas that require strong defense against fire, helping to reduce electrical and lighting costs.

When you are in the market looking for top quality fire related glass floor, keep in mind that it has three main components: top layer glass, structure support grid and fire-rated glass. The topmost layer should be durable enough to withstand snow loads, foot traffic or other similar applications. The structural frame also needs to be strong so that it can support the required loads. Many fire rated glass manufacturers provide K-D kits (Knock-Down) that can be assembled onsite. Fire rated glass covering is the bottom layer in assembly, considering the fire will typically approach from below.

Some other factors that you should take into account are that the glass should be finished with a non-slippery coating and carrying fire-resistive properties up to the required duration. Greenlite Glass System has set new standards in the realm of fire-rated glass flooring by offering fire resistance for up to 120 minutes. We offer fire rated glass floor products that feature silicone joints which will give an appearance of a single piece of wall, allowing the daylight to penetrate through without compromising on the safety factor.

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