December 14, 2017 Greenlite Glass Systems Inc.

Greenlite Glass Systems Inc. provides distribution and technical support throughout North America for a wide range of specialty glass systems from world leaders in glass manufacturing and innovative glass technologies, including fire rated glass products such as LITEFLAMCONTRAFLAM, and KERALITE glass.

Greenlite Glass offers Architects, Designers and developers unique and exciting alternatives to traditional and non traditional glass applications, such as active glass products, including PRIVALITEswitchable glass, and walkable glass skylights. Working with our clients, we develop innovative solutions for design challenges that provide value add propositions by addressing environmental and esthetic benefits.

Working with our global teams, we insure that our clients have the highest level of quality and technological advanced glass products available globally to make their vision a reality.

Achievements by Greenlite Glass Systems:

  • North America’s largest fire-rated glass flooring system. (San Francisco Sales Force Transit Centre 2017)
  • North America’s first exterior fire-rated glass floor and skylight installation (New York University 2009)
  • Over 200 completed projects in North america

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