November 21, 2018 Is Glass Flooring a Smart Building Investment or Are You Setting Yourself Up For a Fall?

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Modern day architecture offers many interesting stylings so as to elevate the visuals of your commercial property. One such styling in particular – glass flooring systems – can make a very dramatic style statement. Not too many materials out there are able to mirror their natural beauty. Traditionally, glass was the popular material of choice for high-rise buildings and for decorative panels on boats. Recently, they’ve picked up immense traction and are being featured in offices, restaurants and in homes across the country.


If you’re at a juncture where you’re ready to put down money on a durable glass flooring system but wonder whether it’s a wise building investment (that will earn its keep), here are some points to consider.

The pros of quality glass flooring solutions go beyond just attractive looks. Not only are they easy to get your hands on, but they are also wallet-friendly – explaining their surging popularity. They bring plenty of surprising (and perhaps little known) benefits that might not have occurred to you. Curious? Read on to learn more!


Ushers in Plenty of Natural Light 

Lighting, especially in copious amounts, can positively transform the look of your interiors. Windows and glass partitions usher in daylight as do walkable glass skylights and glass flooring.

They allow light to penetrate through all the subterranean levels in your commercial building, creating a warm, vibrant and comfortable atmosphere to function in. This also helps you cut down on artificial light sources that spike your energy bill. In fact, the health benefits of daylight are well documented. People work better and are more productive when exposed to natural lighting. Glass flooring is environmentally sound and a very sustainable option for your facility. It does double duty by being cost-effective and energy-friendly.


Offers Superior Insulation 

As you know, glass is a poor conductor of heat which means it is thoroughly fire-resistant and prevents the transfer of radiant heat, smoke and flames from one level to the next. This ability also makes it a wonderful insulation material. It seals in conditioned air and prevents leakages of any kind. During summer months, cool air remains in your facility rather than escaping through. It does the same for warm air during the winter.

When you install glass flooring, the initial capital you put down will be compensated for by the money you save in monthly energy bills. Another perk here is that glass is waterproof and moisture-resistant. You won’t have to be concerned about leakages. Glass flooring brings with it amazing longevity, making it durable against any and all weather conditions.


Easy to Install, Repair and Clean

Glass is low-maintenance in that it’s very easy to install, repair and clean. Easy installation means reduced labour costs. Because of its extended life cycle, the need to repair or replace individual panels regularly is almost redundant.

Certain glass flooring applications like LITEFLAM are made up of standalone components that can be repaired as such rather than dismantling the whole assembly. When you want your glass flooring to be sparkling clean, all you need is water and a mop. The amount of cleaning required will depend on how much foot traffic your flooring witnesses on a daily basis.


Custom Configurations Based on Your Say-So

Greenlite Systems offers several glass flooring solutions that serve as attractive focal points in rooftop and decking applications. We understand that each structure comes with its unique architectural demands. Our glass solutions aim to complement rather than corrupt the other elements in your facility.

Invest in glass systems that are made to order. We configure them based on the exact dimensions you require. You also have the option of choosing from a wide range of glazing solutions such as dual glazed, triple glazed, laminated high transmission low emissivity (Low-E) glass, marine glazed and insulated glazed among many others. You can also opt to get your glass sandblasted so as to prevent it from being a slipping hazard for your occupants.


LITEFLAM – The Cost-Effective and Sustainable Walkable Glass Flooring Solution

Greenlite Systems are walk-on glass floor specialists. LITEFLAM is Greenlite’s patented fire-safety glass flooring solution to meet your design vision as well as your facility’s structural demands. It has amazing live-loading capabilities and can withstand 100 psf for 1-2 hours – making it the first exterior glass application that can do so.


LITEFLAM’s non-slip surface prevents accidents within your facility. Standalone replacement of individual components is made possible so that you don’t have to incur significant costs to replace the entire assembly. With LITEFLAM, affordability, safety and beauty are ushered to the forefront – making it the best investment decision you could possibly make for your commercial property!

LITEFLAM – Just the Glass Flooring Solution Your Facility Needs!

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