August 5, 2020 PRIVA-LITE Switchable Glass – Privacy On Demand!


The open layout workplaces have indeed managed to secure a top spot in the business owners’ minds when it comes to a flexible and economical workplace. But each company’s needs vary, and for some, office partitioning may be required to achieve desired privacy prerequisites. Even in open form offices, the manager might feel the need to discuss an important strategy with the team leader in privacy.


Thanks to innovation in the glass industry, now we have extremely versatile PRIVA-LITE switchable glass that can create privacy with just a flick of a switch, no matter the type of work setting. You can now have an “honest and transparent” feel of open-form office one second and the complete confidentiality and privacy the next!


PRIVA-LITE switchable glass, otherwise known as a smart or intelligent glass system, blends the power of both heat transmission and transparency, delivering you a flawless experience every time. Long gone are the days when you had to use curtains, blinds or shades to gain the privacy you needed.


With PRIVA-LITE glass technology, you can effortlessly switch from opaque to a transparent mode or vice versa, with a simple switch, at your discretion. Many organizations, especially health-care institutions, convention centers and universities have already installed PRIVA-LITE glass in their settings, witnessing excellent results that are worth more than the investment. Have you decided yet?


How Does PRIVA-LITE Switchable Glass Work?


It’s a category of active glass that leverages the Liquid Crystal (LC) technology to deliver instant privacy through a power switch. The glass pane is coated with a Liquid Crystal film, and under normal circumstance (without any power supply), the crystal molecules are randomly distributed to create a translucent, frosted effect which still allows the light to get through while ensuring privacy. When this liquid crystal film receives power, the molecules re-orient and line up automatically, giving the glass a completely transparent appearance.


Flexible Application Areas of PRIVA-LITE Switchable Glass


The versatile characteristic of PRIVA-LITE enables it to be used in myriad ways, for example, incorporating it into fire-rated glazing, lead-lined for MRI and x-ray control rooms, double glazing or any other area where you intend to install glass – with no maintenance at all. The switchable glass can be sandblasted, silk screened or curved, and can even be put into use as rear or front projection screens on account of its high resolution. A huge variety in terms of size and configuration assures that you’ll find a panel that goes well together with your particular requirements.


The PRIVA-LITE glass is built to be installed on the inner side of a building and as stated earlier, it gives a whole bunch of customization choices. For high privacy applications such as toilet doors, the state-of-the-art glass system enables the use of 2 LC films on a triple laminate panel. For hanging projection screens, the panels are meticulously polished on 4 edges, with 2 holes drilled for the purpose of hanging. The glass thickness and composition, on the top of the heat strengthening feature, enable one to enjoy PowerPoint presentations, videos or other analyses on the projector screen. Some other application areas are windows and skylights, conference rooms, walls etc.


When it comes to finding the desired shape in PRIVA-LITE glass, you’ll find almost all shapes in panels with one linear edge. The circular shape can be achieved by using 2 LC films side by side with the electrodes on the diameter.

Advantages of PRIVA-LITE Switchable Glass

Beyond the ease of operation and privacy benefits, PRIVA-LITE does away with the need to manually draw curtains or blinds in your facility that might need regular cleaning. Here are some more advantages:

  • Creates a Modern Look: PRIVA-LITE glass will definitely breathe a new life into your facility’s aesthetic appearance due to its amazing ability to blend easily with the existing design. Regardless of the type of environment, with just a simple flick of the switch, this glass will effortlessly adapt and respond to the needs of facility occupants. With multi-functional glass windows and walls flaunting your workspace, the visual appeal of your facility is set to rise higher.

  • Improves Security and Safety: Having been tested to comply with CENELEC European standards, PRIVA-LITE will block out the prying eyes and enhance the security and safety aspects of your building. To elevate the safety to the next level, the glass can be made to incorporate fire-resistant and bullet-resistant glazing. This will help safeguard the facility from potential threats such as fire, smoke, flames and security breaches.

  • Enhanced Temperature Regulation: Through the inclusion of Low-E glass, PRIVA-LITE smart glass is able to allow or block the heat-bearing sunlight. So, when it’s hot outside, the glass lets in the light only whilst blocking the heat, thus helping to keep the office environment conducive.

Greenlite Glass for Your PRIVA-LITE Glass Requirements!

Want to see how switchable glass can transform your facility? Greenlite Glass Systems is a reputable PRIVA-LITE glass supplier, taking pride in its vast project portfolio which it has built over the years. Whether it is Rockefeller Plaza in New York, A-1 Freeman project in Dallas, Greenlight Glass has proved their mettle in PRIVA-LITE glass installation.


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