E-GLAS: active insulating glazing with radiant heat control.  Electronically-controlled low-emissivity coating converts electrical power into heat. Depending on its composition, it can direct heat outward or inward to: melt falling snow, prevent condensation, or constitute a source of heat.


Applications include: Glass roofs, verandas, winter gardens, display cases and picture windows; pools, spas, saunas, bathrooms and other humid areas; lobbies, atriums, and all types of interior concourses in residences, hotels, offices, shopping malls, airports, cultural and sports centers, ships…


Technology: The “heating” surface of the double or triple glazing is low-emissivity glass: when stimulated by electrodes, tin oxide thinly coated over the inner face, on the side of the vacuum (filled with Argon), radiates heat toward the opposite face.



  • Total and uninterrupted enjoyment of landscape and sky in all climates
  • Physical design integrity in the natural environment
  • System security and durability: more than 20 years’ experience in extreme climates
  • Multiple applications:
    • Heating: space-saving and esthetically pleasing, eliminating the need for radiators
    • Anti-condensation: cleanness and transparency of the glass
    • Snow melting: freedom to increase window surface area and interior light; an end to added weight, obstructed light, chemicals, falling snow and ice
  • Eco-footprint: recyclable components, minimal thermal loss, reduced CO2 emissions
  •  “Plug & Play” installation requiring no more than two QUANTUM GLASS™ certified contractors
  • An international network of certified installers – the guarantee of Saint-Gobain


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