The National Museum of African American history is the 19th museum of the Smithsonian Institution and is located on the National Mall of the United States with views of the White House and the Washington Monument. The museum is a three-tiered structure and is upward reaching. It stands as a symbolic structure that documents an extensive collection of art and historic objects devoted to African American lives and culture.


The building connects traditional African American culture with 21st century building materials including a walkable fire-rated glass floor and skylight combination. Liteflam XT 120 fire-rated glass floor provides fire protection, and daylight solutions and allows light to shine through to the deeper levels of the building. In addition to lighting benefits, safety is a double feature benefit of this architectural glazing system. The 120 minutes rated floor, located in the egress court of the museum, can provide 2 hours of fire protection in case of fire and is covered with a grey slip-resistant frit to keep the museum’s patron safe when walking out of the museum.


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