January 28, 2020 SUPERCONTRYX Glass For Efficient Protection Against X-ray Radiations!

An X-ray imaging test is utilized by doctors to diagnose, monitor and treat various medical conditions without making an incision. Its advantages are plentiful, though there are also added repercussions for both patients and doctors due to overexposure to the radiation, especially when the appropriate protection measures are not in place. Therefore, SUPERCONTRYX – a lead glass should be an extremely important element of your medical facility’s X-ray protection strategy as it attenuates the effect of radiations significantly.

What is SUPERCONTRYX glass?

SUPERCONTRYX is a revolutionary product from the house of Saint-Gobain Group – the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative glass solutions since its birth in 1665. With glass being deeply ingrained in its DNA, the Saint-Gobain group is on a path to establish an unmatchable reputation in the industry.

It is a single glass sheet comprised of 70% heavy elements, and lead oxide contributes to approximately 48% of that part. Its density is 4.8 at the minimum, which is near twice the density of standard glass. SUPERCONTRYX absorbs the energy of ionizing X-rays, thereby providing the utmost protection to any person exposed to that environment. It allows the technicians to clearly view imaging and radiation therapy procedures and can also be effectively put into use in modular and permanent shielding applications. Moreover, you’ll find this glass in a variety of shapes, sizes and thickness levels, depending on the exact requirements of a particular application. The thicker the glass, the higher the degree of radiation protection. The lead glass can also be laminated in order to suit the safety specifications and ensure maximum impact resistance. Standard designs are available in the form of seamed edges (consisting of rough-cut edges with all sharp edges polished), though you can also order flat ground or flat polished designs to meet your requirements.

Just the right glass choice for assorted health-care institutions!

In addition to X-ray rooms, SUPERCONTRYX glass is commonly used in laboratories and operation theatres by private and public hospitals, dentists’ offices, clinics, veterinary practices and radiology areas. Recently, it has also found its application in industries such as research centers and medical equipment manufacturers. Be it a window, door, glazed interior partition or industrial equipment, SUPERCONTRYX glass can be installed anywhere without much hassle by experienced technicians.


You can combine SUPERCONTRYX with PRIVA-LITE active glass to create a glazing unit that rewards you excellent X-ray protection along with the excellent advantages that switchable glass has to offer.

Here is a brief description of PRIVA-LITE glass, various types, and the opportunities it unwraps for the creative interior designer in you:

PRIVA-LITE is a laminated glass that utilizes an innovative liquid crystal technology to provide either a transparent or translucent, frosted effect at the flick of a switch. Also known as an active or switchable glass, PRIVA-LITE comes in two types: XL and Classic that can be adapted to meet different project requirements. Although both constitute the same inherent technology, they have different properties and cannot be installed together.

The Classic option is not available in North America, though you can choose XL to achieve rear projection through the use of a multimedia projector. You can turn this glass panel into a fancy video screen to get a closer look at the sales trajectory or other critical customer data.

PRIVA-LITE XL assures an appropriate influx of sunlight in the room, conjuring an impression of a spacious area. Whether it is a rear-projection screen or a wall isolating the area from external stimuli, the benefits (both functional and aesthetic) you can gain from PRIVA-LITE XL glass are unrivalled.

Installation Guidelines

To fully enjoy the advantages of SUPERCONTRYX, it’s imperative to ensure that the design of the glazing strip and the rabbet is seamless. Ideally, it should be installed inside a building in a heated and dry environment (between 70 C to 400 C. If installed on the exteriors, it should be first laminated, with lead glass sheet facing the interior. SUPERCONTRYX glass is extremely soft and should be handled with extreme care. For cleaning, a conventional cleaner with a soft cloth will suffice.

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