January 9, 2019 The Active Glass Experience: How Its Integrated Technology Can Benefit Your Next Project!


When it comes to projects that require cutting-edge design works with durable materials, architects, builders, and contractors must incorporate advanced products to assist with that objective, such as active glass.


Active glass is a type of product that utilizes the concept of intelligent glass, which provides the ability to assist with factors such as instant privacy or radiant heat control, to name a few.

It provides more functionality than your regular glass products, which adds on to your products whether it be a private home or a business organization looking for new and value-add features to their property.

Understanding the application, technology, and benefits behind active glass will allow you to choose the best products for your next projects. Keep reading to learn more about the functionality in two Greenlite Glass Systems active glass products:

Greenlite Products: E Glass and Privalite

Under Greenlite Glass Systems, there are two active glass products: E Glas and Privalite. Each of these provides a smart feature that allows it to provide a further value-add when installed. E-Glas is an active insulation glass that has radiant heat control. It is electronically-controlled and converts electrical power into heat so that it can direct heat either outward or inward to assist with melting falling snow, preventing condensation, or create a source of heat. This product is common in projects such as glass roofs, winter gardens, pools, bathrooms, and other humid areas.

Privalite is a product that focuses on using technology to provide instant privacy. This product is great as it can be incorporated into double-glazing and fire-rated glazing – and it would require no special maintenance. Pending on the location and usage of the glass (such as using it as a front or rear projection screen), it can be curved, silk screened or sandblasted. Since it has the ability to provide privacy and can assist with tasks such as partitioning or external glazing, curtains and blinds are unnecessary for this type of active glass. The product itself is an innovative creation and it highlights security and privacy at the flick of a switch.

The Technology Behind Active Glass

The active glass has integrated technology that allows it to become intelligent glass, and provides the structure and build for the glass to have these abilities.

With regards to E Glas, the “heating” surface of the double or triple glazing of the glass is low-emissivity; meaning the glass emits low levels of thermal energy. When it is then stimulated by electrodes, the tin oxide that is thinly coated over the inner face and the Argon filled side of the vacuum, then radiates heat towards the opposite face.

For Privalite, it is a piece of laminated glass that has liquid crystal technology, interlayered in the film of the glass. In their natural state, liquid crystal molecules are randomly scattered; they are translucent, frosted, and has an effect that when combined with the glass, will ensure privacy will continuing to let light through. When electricity is applied to these molecules, they line up and turn the glass completely transparent, allowing for the glass to act as a window again.

Benefits of Active Glass

Active glass provides more than just double use of glass in your property, there are a variety of benefits that come with these features. First off, with both products either controlling heat or creating privacy — either way, it allows for the ability to enjoy the view outside the glass. They are all made out of durable material, allowing it to survive extreme climates.

With E Glas specifically, the heating allows for the elimination of radiators, anti-condensation as the technology helps to clean and maintain transparency of the glass, and it assists with snow melting. With the Privalite glass, the dual functionality of the privacy screen and the transparent glass allows it to provide additional value to the property as screens and curtains are not required.

Overall, the perks of active glass allow for an installation that pushes additional benefits. These two products provide a great value-add that creates a sense of convenience and accessibility.

Trust Greenlite Services

There are a variety of glass products that Greenlite provides, varying in regards to the purpose and functionality of the piece. Between fire-rated products to active glass, there is an option for all types.

When it comes to choosing glass products for your project and having a team to lead that through, consider Greenlite Glass Systems, as we have a multitude of professionals with experiences in completing high-level projects with quality products.

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