August 17, 2018 Transit Center’s Recent Media Posts

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Here is everything you want to know about the Salesforce Transit Center!

The Salesforce Transit Center has 10 access points to the rooftop garden: 2 bridges from the towers in the vicinity (181 Fremont and Salesforce Tower), 3 escalators, 4 elevators, and an aerial tram from Mission Street which is scheduled to be launched in September. Learn more here

On August 12, 2018, the Salesforce Transit Center, the world-class high-tech transportation center, was officially opened up for the public operations, as a sound replacement for old Transbay Terminal.

Public most on board with Transbay Transit Center’s ‘super cool’ park

San Francisco’s Transbay Transit Center began its first day of regular service with shrugs from bus riders and rave reviews for the rooftop park. Learn More

Thousands jam new Transbay Transit Center for its open house

Thousands of visitors jammed the new Transbay Transit Center for its grand opening party Saturday, tapping their toes to live music while waiting to hop on crammed escalators that carried them to the bustling bus deck and sprawling 5.4-acre rooftop park. Learn More

Even as SF transit center opens, officials figuring out how to pay bills

With high-speed rail a distant dream and its mall space still a shell, officials at the newly opened Transbay Transit Center are scrambling to come up with the $27.5 million a year needed to run the three-block-long mega-bus station and rooftop park. Learn More

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