April 30, 2020 Fire-Rated Glass Frames: Your Project Benefits From Immense Safety and Unparalleled Performance

Fire-Rated Glass has become popular among new property projects for several reasons. The purpose of Fire-Rated Glass is to compartmentalize a space that minimizes the spread of Fire, Smoke and Radiant Heat Transfer in a building.


Fire Rated Glass


Beyond the safety precautions that it helps with, fire-rated glass can become a substitute for other options when it comes to building functionality and structure.

It is a product that produces quality performance for architects and builders to utilize and at Greenlite Glass Systems, there are a variety of these Fire-Rated Glass products to choose from to fit the project you are looking to complete. Understanding the science behind it and how it can adapt to your property will allow you to see the compatibility and benefits fire-rated glass can have for you. Keep reading to learn more about these glass frame options:


Overview of Fire-Rated Glass

The Fire-Rated Glass options are made of glass that is designed to minimize the spread of fire smoke in the case of Fire-Protective Glass. Essentially, the fire-protective glass minimizes the spread but does not limit radiant heat transfer. Fire- Resistive Glass protects against Fire, Smoke and Radiant Heat transfer. It acts as a heat barrier glass. Glass frame options with fire-resistive glass will assist with radiant heat transfer as well. Each fire-rated product will come with a rating of the resistance properties specifically, anything from 20 minutes to 3 hours.


The science behind Fire-Rated Glass

Understanding the science behind these fire-rated glass frame products will provide background knowledge on how it works. Preventing the transfer of heat, fire, and smoke through these products means they act as a barrier so that any accidents will be mitigated well. There is a layer of intumescent layer between the glass panels. When the glass is heated, it is designed to shatter and this intumescent layer is activated and begins to expand; allowing it then repel heat. Pending on the piece of the glass frame, the amount of heat it can repel will change.

Wire glass is old technology from the early 1900s and is very dangerous. It is being phased out because of all the law suites happening. We focus on two types of glass Ceramic(Protective) and Intumescent (Resistive).


Benefits of Fire-Rated Glass

Beyond the reasoning of it being protected against any type of fire and impact, they assist other factors as well. First off, it allows for the freedom of the design. With certain fire-rated products, there is a multitude of possibilities that allows the designer or architect to utilize it for its purpose while providing a product that helps to develop an atmosphere. Pending on the purpose of the project, it can be used to help integrate with the building’s existing design or it can act as a standalone statement piece.

In addition to that, it helps with conserving energy — with various products encouraging natural sunlight rather than lighting, it is able to assist with the functionality of the building itself. Lastly, pending on the project you are working on, this may apply in different contexts, but safety for those that live or work in the building is not only due to these glass products being fire-resistant. They meet and exceed expectations for both safety regulations and designer use.


Product Options

With Greenlite Glass, there are several types of products that are available when it comes to the fire-rated glass options:


1. CONTRAFLAM Structure

This glass solution provides fire-resistive properties for up to 120 minutes (2 hours). For design purposes, the floor-to-ceiling glazing resembles a continuous, uninterrupted glass wall with only silicone joints — it appears as if it is one large piece of glass, thus it allows for maximum sunlight to shine through.



This is a Greenlite Glass product that has been used in over 100 projects worldwide. The glass system meets live loading requirements and is fire-rated from 1-2 hours. It can be used as a non-slip, durable walking surface. The standard live loading is 100 psf.


The ContraFlam provides 60-180 minutes of fire resistance (1-3 hours). The clear glass is filled with an environmentally friendly and transparent chemical mixture, which assists and reacts in the event of a fire. Note: Contraflam has both EPD and HPD certificates which speak to the sustainability of the product.



This is a ceramic glass product that meets fire-protective requirements. This wire-free glazing material is for use in life safety and fire-rated locations. There are various products under Keralite which act as different levels of safety, pending on the purpose and needs of your project. Note: Keralite has both EPD and HPD certificates which speak to the sustainability of the product.


5. VDS FIRE FRAME Structure

These fire frame structures are integrated with fire-rated glazing products so that there can be a fire-resistive solution with complete design flexibility for the designer. Pending on the version of the VDS, there are different levels of fire-resistance.


6. VDS Curtain Wall

With the VDS Curtain Wall, it is a comprehensive Fire-Rated Steel curtain that helps with furthering the fire-resistive properties so that it can assist with providing an additional barrier. They have a rating from 60-120 minutes (1-2 hours).

Overall, Fire-Rated Glass systems have various options when it comes to choosing or finding one that suits the needs of your projects. Trust our Greenlite Glass Systems experts when it comes to understanding which one fits best, and contact our team today to learn more.

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