December 21, 2017 Environmentally Friendly, Modern Design with Walkable Skylights

If you’re looking for a fresh, modern design application to update your property, look no further than LITEFLAM walkable skylights. Walkable skylights provide a number of design, health, and environmental benefits, and LITEFLAM glass provides the structural and safety elements to meet almost any building criteria.

As a global industry leader, Greenlite Glass is your top choice for walkable skylight manufacturers, providing distribution and technical support for a variety of glass systems, including North America’s first exterior fire-rated glass floor and skylight installation at New York University.

Health, Energy, and Design Benefits of Walkable Skylights

Not only are walkable skylights a great, innovative and unique way to spruce up the design of your facility, but did you know they have also been shown to have significant health and energy-saving benefits as well?

Keep reading to learn more about walkable skylights and the benefits of these installations.

Health Benefits

Skylights have been used in building design for centuries as a way to extend the reach of sunlight. When installed in a large opening on a roof, a skylight helps light facilities maximize natural daylight. In fact, a skylight allows in up to 5 times more natural light than a regular window.

What does this mean for your or your occupants’ health? Natural light is shown to have numerous health benefits for the human body. Not only does it help people be happier, healthier, and calmer, but it also is shown to significantly increase productivity levels.

Energy and Cash Savings

Skylights significantly increase the amount of natural light that is able to penetrate throughout your facility. In comparison to incandescent light, sunlight through a 14” skylight is equivalent to a 461 watts electric light bulk. Even on a cloudy day, a skylight would give no less than 100 watts of equivalent sunlight energy.

The addition of a skylight as a light source would minimize your facility’s use of natural electrical lights. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it will also help you save on utility bills.

Design Benefits

Beyond health and energy benefits, a walkable skylight provides a unique and innovative design element to your facility. With the addition of a walkable skylight, your building is immediately transformed into a sleek and modern facility.

At Greenlite Glass, we provide all the materials you need to customize your walkable skylight to your design needs and preferences. Our glass materials are created to meet any structural or aesthetic need, giving you your choice of texture, screenprint patterns, and colour.

Are you looking for a unique and innovative way to upgrade the design of your facility? With a walkable skylight, your building is given a sleek and modern design while also providing numerous health and energy-saving benefits.

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