December 6, 2017 Why Your Facility Needs Fire Rated Curtain Walls

No matter what industry you’re in, your employees’ safety should always come first. At Greenlite, we want to help your facility keep fire, flames, and smoke out in case of emergencies; to do so, our consultants recommend implementing fire-rated curtain walls in your facility. Constructed with durable materials such as fire-rated steel and/or glass, these walls step in as a firestop when necessary, slowing and preventing the passage of flames within the building.

With its tremendous capacity to protect and shield, we believe that all facilities should consider making the investment. As a reputable and knowledgeable fire-rated curtain wall supplier, we want to help business owners understand the benefits associated with it. To discover how fire-rated curtain walls will prove advantageous to your facility, keep reading:

Seamlessly Helps You Divide The Workspace

In comparison to permanent walls, fire-rated curtain walls are a more economical way to create different work enclosures within a large facility. Not only do they allow for fire resistance and design flexibility, but these curtain walls also allow facilities to keep dust, debris, and noise contained within their designated areas. Depending on what industry your facility is in, this is a very important factor to keep in mind when ensuring the safety of your employees and/or occupants.

At Greenlite, our experienced consultants suggest implementing VDS curtain walls to help you seamlessly divide your workplace. With streamlined aesthetic, clean lines, and tight tolerances, the VDS curtain walls will provide your facility with a high degree of design flexibility, aesthetic appeal and security.

Energy Efficient

When implemented correctly, fire rated curtain walls provide an aesthetically pleasing, modern finish to facilities while simultaneously delivering noteworthy thermal performance. Working to not only resist heat and flames, fire rated curtains help facilities keep excess air, wind and unwanted moisture out, while keeping occupants in.

Fire rated curtain walls also allow for more natural light to filtrate into the building, helping to reduce overall operational costs. With an increased supply of natural light and exceptional thermal performance, facilities will gain control over their energy consumption and notice a significant improvement in cost overtime.

Ensure Safety Of Your Occupants

In case of an emergency, fire rated curtain walls act as a firestop to contain and prevent flames and smoke from spreading within your facility. Protect and ensure the safety of your occupants by investing in fire rated curtains like the VDS Curtain Wall. Stringently tested to help your facility meet its building’s fire safety standards and protect its occupants, the VDS curtain wall has been listed, labelled, and approved by the Underwriters Laboratories ® and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada. Boasting fire ratings from 60 to 120 minutes in both interior and exterior openings, VDS Curtain Walls are the preferred fire-resistive and fire-protective framing solution facilities use today.

Looking to purchase fire rated curtain walls for your facility? Greenlite Glass Systems is a leading consultant in the North American architectural glass industry and is a proud distributor of VDS Curtain Walls.

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