February 13, 2018 Is Your Facility Fire Protected? The VDS Fire-Rated Curtain Wall is Just the Solution You Need!

Is your facility fire-resistant? When the stakes are this high, it never hurts to be as cautious as you possibly can be! This article explains how a fire-rated curtain wall manufacturer can provide the right solution at the right time.


Modern architecture has made quite some progress in protecting our neighbourhoods and cities from fire hazards, more so than they were a couple of decades ago. Today’s business facilities are equipped with intuitive and advanced smoke sensors to combat life-threatening situations. In fact, firefighters even have updated safety protocol and equipment to address newer (and potentially more disastrous) types of fire hazards. In Canada, we have stringent federal fire safety codes and other such building regulations to not only prevent the outbreak of a fire but also drastically minimize the risks when fires do occur.

While all of this information still stands true, there are plenty of buildings that, nonetheless, fall prey to the ever-increasing threat of a fire. Published studies reveal that commercial fires are trickier to escape, given their rapid flashover rates. This means that firefighters have less time to respond and reach the building before it’s too late.

Above all else, guaranteeing the safety of the occupants in your building is absolutely critical. Fire-resistant and self-supporting constructions offer you that added level of safety and protection. In this regard, the VDS® CURTAIN WALL is a powerful anti-fire solution – and just what your facility needs! Essentially, it is a comprehensive fire-rated steel curtain wall that brings with it several significant advantages.

An Excellent Fire-Resistive Framing Solution to Combat Smoke, Heat and Flames

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase, “it spread like wildfire.” Don’t let this be your facility’s reality! The VDS fire curtain has far-reaching applications to lend your facility a well-rounded fire-resistant outlook. This solution works perfectly with partitions, doors and window frames to cement their fire-resistive properties. Essentially, this means that, if a fire does break out, it will be contained or restricted to a single room rather than spreading to the entire facility. The VDS fire-rated curtain wall acts as an excellent barrier to heat, flame and smoke. It prevents their passing – not only from room to room but also from level to level!

This particular product has proven itself to be ideal for all sorts of applications – in both exterior and interior openings. Its thermal break feature just adds to the comprehensive performance of the system. This barrier is so formidable, in fact, that it is capable of resisting radiant heat from 60-120 minutes!

Offers Hard-to-Resist Design Flexibility

The ideal architecture combines both form and function. Why compromise on the visuals of your structure when you don’t have to? In view of this, the VDS® CURTAIN WALL is slim, multifunctional and comes with an irresistible aesthetic appeal. It is structurally sound and offers streamlined design flexibility. The bottom line? Your structure can enjoy higher and longer spans, owing to the tight tolerances and clean lines that come with the extruded aluminum!

The curtain boasts of a very slender sidelight of about 1-¾” or 2-⅜” and an individual profile design as well as versatile surface treatments. It lends generous transparency and appearance over quite a sizeable area. Its impressive spectrum of performance doesn’t end there. The VDS fire-rated curtain is also suited to multiple storeys, up to a height of 16’ 5”!

It is this extraordinary freedom of design that lets you harmonize all the various components within your facility. An environment that’s safe and pleasing to the eye will only bode well for your occupants and your operations!

Tested and Approved So That You Can Sleep Easy!

None of the above claims would elicit your trust until the VDS fire-rated curtain came with a field-tested and proven endorsement. And, quite honestly, it does just that! It is well suited to those areas that experience a heavy flow of traffic and as such, have robust constructional demands.

This system has proven itself many times over. When in the field, the fire-resistant glazing and doors hold their own for 40/60/90 and 120 minutes – depending on your requirements. Added to that, the fire-rated system is code-approved and abides by only the most stringent requirements as far as its ability to withstand stress are concerned.

Protect Your Facility and its Occupants. Invest in a Solution That Will Go the Distance!

More Details on VDS FIRE FRAME SYSTEM – Click Here.


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