5 Surprising Benefits of Walkable Glass Skylights (and Why They Are an Investment You Won’t Regret)!


Residential and commercial skylights have become a mainstay in contemporary architectural design. In fact, walkable glass skylights are an inspiring and attractive focal point for rooftop applications. These usher plenty of natural lighting into your facility, lending it an inviting atmosphere.

To elevate their performance and reach greater levels of energy efficiency, Greenlite combines each individual glass flooring panel with an insulated unit. Our fire-rated skylights are constructed to match each user’s specifications and live up to the unique architectural demands of the building. Given that these go beyond simply being aesthetically satisfying, it’s only fair that we explore the top 5 more surprising benefits of walkable glass skylights.

  1. Anti-Slip Walkable Surfaces and Impressive Load-Bearing Capacities

Greenlite has engineered the glass flooring for your building’s skylights to meet some very precise criteria. Firstly, they must complement the room that they adorn and be appealing to the occupants’ eye. Secondly, they should be code-approved in tandem with the building’s safety stipulations. The latter alludes to the fact that the material used must be slip-resistant and should also have reasonable load-bearing capacities.

LITEFLAM, Greenlite’s proprietary fire-rated product, is designed to accommodate just that. We’ve pulled out the stops to ensure that this glass meets all the major architectural requirements in the country with regards to thermal and load codes as well as ballistic impact ratings. Because customization is key, you can even have your glass designed to withstand loads higher than 100 psf, which is the industry standard. Additionally, we offer a wide range of slip-resistant glass flooring or you can opt for having your glass treated with a sandblasted anti-slip surface (patterns or dots).

  1. Extremely Versatile for a Wide Range of Applications

Greenlite’s glass skylights cater to sleek and seamless modern designs. Besides the visual appeal, they are very easy to install and allow for trouble-free usage. Moreover, the materials used to create the skylights are above par. They come with an increased resistance to moisture and to the challenges that the elements present. They also come with reinforced designs to prevent break-ins. Because these flooring systems are available in a wide range of dimensions, designs and colours, they are suitable for a plethora of applications – whether coastal or non-coastal. It is this versatility that makes them the de facto industry-grade solution, featured more and more in architectural enterprises around the city.

  1. Impressive Fire-Rated Applications

One of the most important prerequisites that you’ll want with your walkable skylight is a fire-rated glass flooring system. These are code-approved as per your local community’s or building’s requirements and act as a barrier between different levels to provide that added level of fire protection. LITEFLAM is an advanced fire-rated glass that is also impact resistant. It acts as a firestop, thus preventing smoke, flames and radiant heat transfer from one level to the next.

Even if you choose to customize your glass to accommodate sandblasted applications or decorative frits, rest assured that these personalizations are done without compromising on the fire-rating capacity of the assembly. It is this design flexibility and state-of-the-art technology that makes LITEFLAM a forerunner as far as walkable glass skylights are concerned.

  1. Plenty of Glazing Solutions Available

As mentioned, there’s nothing more important than ensuring your glass applications match your facility’s unique aesthetic. They should complement rather than corrupt the overall structure as well as each individual room. To this end, Greenlite offers innovative customized flooring systems that are made to order. You’ll definitely be spoiled for choice with regards to your preferences and project needs.

Our top-of-the-line glazing solutions include dual glazed, laminated, triple glazed, insulated glazing units, high transmission low emissivity (Low-E) glass and marine glazed to name a few.

  1. Superior Durability and Extended Lifespan

Tempered glass has impressive survivability rates – lasting well over 10 years. It can withstand extreme pressures and impacts, lending itself an extended lifespan. This means that by installing these systems, you will be running very reasonable repair and maintenance costs in the long-run. Added to that, this durable and water-resistant glass is specially built to take on Canada’s inclement weather conditions – from snowstorms to hailstorms.

LITEFLAM, in particular, is a glass assembly that is very structurally robust. It is engineered to resist the standard 100 pounds per square foot, however, you can also opt to have it built to accommodate greater loads. It does multiple jobs at once – not only does it afford you ample privacy but also lets in abundant daylight. The walkable safety glass is proved to be fire-resistant for 1-2 hours, making it the first-ever outdoor fire-rated skylight system that can do so!

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Cost-Savings and Durable: Discover Why LITEFLAM Fire-Rated Glass Floors are the BEST Option for Your Facility!


Are you looking for a glass flooring solution that is not only visually appealing but also prevents the transfer of heat or flames from one level to the next? Great news. There’s an exciting addition to exterior fire-rated glass floors – LITEFLAM!


Why Exterior Fire-Rated Glass Floors Have Become the Go-To Option for Facility Owners

Exterior fire-rated glass floor installations have become popular in recent times, with one of the most prominent examples being the fire-rated glass flooring and walkable skylight system installed in San Francisco’s Salesforce Transit Center. Glass has been used as a flooring system for quite some time, however, a newer addition to the mix is fire-rated floors that perform dual functions. Not only do they add a sophisticated flair, but they also act as a code-approved fire barrier between different levels in a facility.

Can LITEFLAM Flooring Keep Up With Your Building’s Extensive Demands?

Speaking of glass floors that combine form and function, LITEFLAM is an industry-grade fire-rated glass system that is suited for walkable skylights and glass flooring. It encapsulates the essence of modern-day architecture. These applications are perfect If you’ve always envisioned your facility as having plenty of daylight penetrating through so that its occupants can enjoy added comfort while you enjoy reduced electrical costs.

Sturdy and Fire-Resistant

Not only does LITEFLAM flooring facilitate the entry of natural light, it also performs as promised – a sturdy walking surface that prevents heat, smoke and flames from infiltrating your facility. Because of its durability, it makes for perfect indoor and outdoor fixtures such as lobby ceilings and floors, corridor floors, atrium exteriors, outdoor egress areas and the likes.

Proven Results in Over 100 Projects

Used in over 100 projects since 2006, LITEFLAM’s fire-rated flooring has been widely lauded as creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for the facility itself and for all areas in close proximity. Greenlite won the 2017 Green Design Award from US Glass Magazine for the NMAAHC in Washington DC. These applications distinguish themselves from other products that claim to offer similar functions quite simply. The flooring system is so advanced that it can accommodate significant loads and resist fire for 1-2 hours, thus becoming one of the few exterior glazed applications in North America capable of offering that kind of protection. The ultimate goal with this glass is to allow natural lighting to flood all the subterranean levels in your building or to build glass bridges that also require fire-separators.

Traditional flooring systems required additional materials such as corrugated steel or concrete to ward off fire. LITEFLAM allows glazing in spaces that have to be fire-resistant and wherein the owner might want to dramatically increase the visual effects between each of the facility’s levels. This is why it has become a popular option in restaurants, hotels universities, departments stores, corporate offices and the likes.

Move Away From the Norm. Customize Your Flooring as You Like It!

Greenlite Glass understands that each building comes with its own set of architectural demands – whether they be loading requirements or design preferences. LITEFLAM’s non-slip walkable surface can be engineered to withstand much higher loads than the standard 100 psf live loading.

Because LITEFLAM employs a modular system, even if one of the individual panels was to get damaged upon impact, it can be easily replaced without compromising the integrity of the entire system. Greenlite takes care of all your customization needs by offering glass panel sizes in a variety of dimensions as well as accommodates sandblasted glass and decorative colour frits. It is this design creativity that lets professionals send us their specifications in a whole host of horizontal applications that were traditionally only reserved for opaque heat- and fire-blocking materials.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It. LITEFLAM Comes With its Own References!

This one-of-a-kind system by LITEFLAM was the very first tested and proven fire-rated glass flooring application. Its achievements don’t end there. LITEFLAM is also the first exterior fire-rated glass flooring and skylight system. LITEFLAM has now become the first AAMA tested sheet that supports standalone replacement without necessitating a replacement of the full assembly. This flooring is tested by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and Southwest Research Institute Laboratories (SwRI).

Are you ready to make a powerful design statement with LITEFLAM?


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