Everything You Need To Know About LITEFLAM Walkable Skylights

Interested in upgrading the look of your facility while taking advantage of the surrounding natural light? Consider investing in LITEFLAM walkable skylights, Greenlite Glass Systems’ patented fire-rated glass. The First-ever exterior fire-rated glass floor and walkable skylight system. Used to complete over 100 projects worldwide since 2006, LITEFLAM is the complete, environmentally friendly upgrade facilities prefer.

As a global industry leader and reputable walkable skylight manufacturer, Greenlite Glass Systems carries a variety of esteemed fire-rated glass solutions, amongst which is LITEFLAM — the walkable skylight and fire-rated safety floor solution.

Keep reading below to learn more about LITEFLAMs features and benefits.


LITEFLAM is the first-ever listed and labelled fire-rated glass floor and walkable skylights system designed to assist the modern architect with their vision to create an open light-filled space in an otherwise enclosed facility.

Allowing and encouraging natural light to penetrate deep into the building — ultimately creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere — LITEFLAM has been used in past projects for application in glass bridges, roof plazas, and subterranean levels of buildings.

Beyond adding aesthetic value to virtually any building, LITEFLAM can also be used as a durable, non-slip walking surface. Designed to bear standard loads of up to 100psf and protect against fire, seismic, blast, smoke and radiant heat transfer for 1 to 2 hours, LITEFLAM is an advanced glass floor system unlike any other.

Labelled and listed as an exterior walkable glazed system assembly in North America, LITEFLAM also holds the title of the first-ever AAMA tested sacrificial sheet that allows for partial standalone replacement of damaged or worn-out components. LITEFLAM is also the first to be blast and seismic labelled and listed in the industry. In addition to this, LITEFLAM systems have also been tested and are listed with the following laboratories to guarantee safety and reliability:

  • UL – Underwriter Laboratories

  • SwRI – South West Research Institute Laboratories

The Benefits Of LITEFLAM

Whether you’re looking to modernize the look of your building or simply want to do your part in protecting the environment, LITEFLAM is a comprehensive, advanced glass floor and walkable skylights system that can offer monumental advantages for your unique application. These advantages include:

Design Flexibility

With a slim profile of 3.5” in overall glass thickness, architects can rest assured knowing that LITEFLAM walkable skylights will not compromise the existing aesthetic of the building. Thanks to its ability to bring daylight deep into building interiors, LITEFLAM helps create dramatic visual effects between different building levels. If that isn’t enough, LITEFLAM walkable skylights and fire-rated floors can also be customized with decorative colour frits and sand-blasted glass to add a splash of personality to your building’s existing design–all without compromising the fire-resistance of the glass.

Fire Resistance

In the case of an emergency, LITEFLAM fire-rated floors and walkable skylights provide a durable barrier against fire, smoke, and radiant heat transfer to help prevent flames from spreading or reaching other areas of your building. Featuring resistive fire-rated assemblies of 1 hour and 2-hour fire separation, LITEFLAM will help keep your building and its tenants far from harm’s way.

Enhances Safety

Worried about possible accidents on slippery glass surfaces? Rest assured that as a global industry leader and manufacturer of walkable skylights, Greenlite Glass Systems designed LITEFLAM with the safety of your tenants and users in mind.

Featuring a durable, non-slip walking surface, LITEFLAM is able to help fulfill your desired design without compromising the safety of your tenants. To further enhance the safety of your facility, LITEFLAM also offers sealed IGU assembly with Low E for thermal performance options and customizable solar control coatings for added solar control. As a complete and innovative solution, LITEFLAM will not protect against fire, flames, and smoke, but also everyday accidents and other concerns that business owners may have.

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