Benefits of Having PRIVA-LITE Active Glass

For many institutional, industrial and commercial facilities, privacy can be difficult to come by. Between trying to maintain confidentiality and finding innovative ways to keep out bandits and other unauthorized personnel, investing in a functional system that delivers privacy and confidentiality on demand quickly becomes a priority for your facility. However, finding a system that blends in seamlessly with your existing design isn’t always easy–luckily, PRIVA-LITE active glass is an all-encompassing solution designed to meet the needs of your unique application.

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Offering complete design flexibility and unparalleled convenience on top of privacy, your occupants can confidently say goodbye to the days of manually drawing the blinds closed or having to relocate to a more secluded area for private meetings. With PRIVA-LITE glass, your occupants can have privacy on demand by simply flicking a switch.

Greenlite Glass Systems is an industry leader in North America and a proud supplier of PRIVA-LITE glass. Carrying a wide variety of active glass, safety glass, and energy-saving glass systems, Greenlite will surely have a solution for your unique application needs. Interested to learn more about PRIVA-LITE and how it could benefit your facility? Keep reading to discover the highlights:

What is PRIVA-LITE glass?

Comprised of two 5mm panes of glass–clear or tinted, depending on your application–and a liquid crystal interlayer film, PRIVA-LITE glass is designed to transform ordinary-looking glass into a translucent, frosted glass that effectively blocks out prying eyes and other distractions nearby.

Providing occupants with complete privacy at the flick of a switch, PRIVA-LITE can be turned on and off at the user’s will. When the glass is switched off from its special power supply, the liquid crystals are randomly scattered, obstructing the view of occupants on both sides of the glass. However, when switched on, these crystals then line up and reorient themselves, turning the PRIVA-LITE glass totally transparent for complete clarity–perfect for facilities hoping to achieve the all-glass aesthetic.

Adds Aesthetic Appeal

Looking to segregate parts of your facility, but don’t want it to look and feel too enclosed or outdated? Then PRIVA-LITE active glass is the ideal solution for your application. Effortlessly creating multi-functional spaces within your facility, PRIVA-LITE adapts and responds to the needs of your occupants at the flick of a switch. Often used as partition screens, windows and more, PRIVA-LITE glass is an easy way to add a unique and modern visual appeal to your facility.

Enhances Privacy

Interested in the following suit with the latest design trends, starting with an all-glass aesthetic for your up-and-coming facility or project, but worried about privacy concerns? While back in the day, an all-glass interior would leave occupants with little to no privacy on-site, PRIVA-LITE glass shatters the norms with its unique ability to provide complete privacy at the flick of a switch. Gone are the days of awkwardly pulling down the curtains before a private meeting–PRIVA-LITE can be activated and deactivated remotely, blocking out prying eyes with minimal to no work on your part.

Enhances Safety & Security

Beyond its unparalleled technological features, this state-of-the-art active glass also works to enhance the safety and security of facilities like yours. Having been tested in accordance with the CENELEC European Standard, PRIVA-LITE glass will ensure that your security requirements are met no matter where or how you choose to make use of it.

Made of laminated glass, PRIVA-LITE can also be combined with a range of bullet-resistant glazing and fire-resistant glazing to further protect your facility from potential harm including security breaches, fire, flames, smoke, and more.


Tired of having to manually draw the curtains closed in your all-glass facility? PRIVA-LITE active glass offers convenience to you and your occupants unlike ever before. Utilizing the most innovative technology available, PRIVA-LITE lets users turn the active glass on and off remotely. Providing facilities with an open-office feel one minute and complete privacy the next, PRIVA-L

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