PRIVA-LITE ‘intelligent’ glass utilizes Liquid Crystal technology to provide instant privacy at the flick of a switch.


PRIVA-LITE is a laminated glass with a Liquid Crystal interlayer film. In their natural state, the Liquid Crystal molecules are randomly scattered, creating a translucent, frosted, effect that ensures privacy while still allowing light through. Once electricity is applied to the Liquid Crystal film, the molecules re-orient themselves and line up, turning the glass transparent.


PRIVA-LITE can be incorporated into double-glazing, fire-rated glazing, in fact almost anywhere you would put glass and requires no special maintenance. It can be curved, silk screened or sand blasted. 


PRIVA-LITE is an innovative solution to a wide range of glazing challenges and its application is limited only to the imagination.


PRIVA-LITE glass installs in much the same manner as any other glass with the addition of the electrical component and comes with a five year warranty. Curtains and blinds become unnecessary where PRIVA-LITE is used. Whether it is partitioning, external glazing, security glazing or a video screen, PRIVA-LITE adds a novel and eye-catching dimension to any glazing project.


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