DAY LIGHT SYSTEMS : Synergy of active light directing and variable solar control in an insulated unit.   

Daylight and energy transmission – A designers challenge for ergonomic work places

The natural light of the Sun is one of the most important aspects of life. The changeability of daylight provides us with important information about space, time and weather and supports our comfort. Its use is therefore a necessity in global, ecological and economical thinking.

With these unquestionable positive aspects also come undesired influences.

The patent pending glass system DLS ECKLITE EVOLUTION can control these undesired effects – such as summer overheating or glare – by optimising the use of daylight in the respective building orientation as well as daytime and seasonally determined solar incidence and harmonizing them with the ergonomic requirements of a modern workplace.


DLS ECKLITE EVOLUTION integrates two different electrically driven louvre blinds in the cavity. In the upper part of the glass one with a concave section for active light directing and in the vision area one with a convex section for efficient solar and glare control. If necessary or desired it is also possible to completely open the louvers in both areas to provide complete and free vision. The thermal insulation of up to Ug= 0,6 W/m².K fulfills the requirements of passive energy housing.

With two independent motors and gear systems, lifting, lowering and twisting of the blinds in DLS ECKLITE EVOLUTION is systematically controllable. An ideal position can be set in the upper area for optimum light-directing. In the vision area it is possible to simultaneously adjust the blind for solar and glare control. The louvres direct light into the room and keep energy ingress within limits. Clever design and control can ensure better levels of room comfort with ergonomic levels of lighting. The upper area of the unit achieves a diffuse light transmission of up to 22 %, and the vision area a solar factor to 8 %. A solar control similar to that of an efficient external louvre can be achieved.

Unrestricted function

ECKLITE EVOLUTION is maintenance-free and completely functional even in stormy weather. Cleaning is the same as with conventional insulated glass units – the louver blind is encapsulated between the glass sheets and thereby protected.

With ECKLITE EVOLUTION you can regulate the comfort of your room depending on the seasons whilst making an acitve contribution to reducing greenhouse gases.


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