Benefits Of Having Fire Rated Glass Floors

Fire rated glass floors


Every year, we see more and more commercial and residential properties invest in Fire-Rated Glass Floor System like LITEFLAM. Designed to allow natural light deep into the building, LITEFLAM helps modern architects effortlessly create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. Contributing to your building’s overall aesthetic, LITEFLAM allows for design flexibility without compromising the safety and durability of its structure.

Looking to enhance the safety of your building while conserving energy and cutting down operational costs with LITEFLAM? Then keep reading to learn more about the benefits associated with fire-rated glass floors:

Protects Against Fire & Impact

LITEFLAM is an advanced fire-rated glass floor system that is both impact-resistant and fire-rated for assemblies of up to 1 or 2 hours depending on the model. Serving as the exterior glazed system insulated glass assembly for North America, LITEFLAM utilizes technology that is unparalleled in the industry. In the case of an emergency, the fire-rated glass floor system acts as a firestop, creating a barrier against the fire and smoke while also protecting against radiant and conductive heat transfer within the building.

165 N Des Plaines glass bridge 2-min

Allows For Freedom Of Design

Offering extraordinary design flexibility, LITEFLAM presents the modern architect with limitless possibilities. Developed with a vision to create open, light-filled spaces that allow for natural light penetrate deep into the building, LITEFLAM is designed to help deliver an effortlessly vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

Equipped with a slim profile of 3.5” in overall glass thickness, the modular system enables design creativity for architects while also ensuring security and durability for tenants. The state-of-the-art fire-rated glass floor system can be customized and used as both a standalone statement piece or alternatively used as a system that creates uniformity with your building’s existing design.

Specially optimized to allow for customizations such as decorative colour frits and sandblasted glass, users can rest assured knowing that personalizations as such can be added without compromising LITEFLAM’s outstanding fire-rating.

Helps Conserve Energy

Implementing fire-rated glass floors does more than providing architects with design flexibility–it also allows your operational costs to decrease as systems like LITEFLAM allow for and encourage natural sunlight to penetrate deep into the building’s interior. To support the increased usage of daylight to illuminate the building, LITEFLAM also features:

  • solar control coatings

  • a fritted surface for added solar control, and

  • sealed insulated glass unit assembly for low emissivity and better thermal performance

Additionally, when the heat tries to escape your building this winter, LITEFLAM’s low emissivity coating will work to reflect the heat back inside, conserving energy while reducing the chances of radiant heat loss.

fire rated glass floors

Ensure The Safety Of Your Tenants

On top of being fire-resistant, fire rated glass floors like LITEFLAM are also reputably known for their durable, non-slip walking surface which further assures the safety of your tenants. Unlike traditional wax floors which can become very slippery if not properly cared for, LITEFLAM consists of Contraflam intumescent glass – a tempered laminated walking surface that guarantees grip and slip resistance.

Additionally, LITEFLAM comes readily equipped with a standard live loading of up to 100psf and can be engineered to take on higher loads if required. Having undergone thorough testing and inspection, LITEFLAM has met and exceeded its safety expectations and is confidently listed with the UL Underwriter Laboratories and SwRI Southwest Research Institute Laboratories.

FEATURED PROJECT: SALESFORCE TRANSIT CENTER – North America’s largest fire-rated glass flooring installation.



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Everything You Need To Know About VDS Fire Rated Curtain Walls

VDS Curtain Wall

Looking to upgrade or modernize your building’s aesthetic? Consider implementing state-of-the-art fire-rated curtain walls that offer complete design flexibility. VDS curtain walls use fire-rated glazing products to provide a fire-resistive and fire-protective framing solution that meets your demands without compromising your aesthetic. Designed with both functionality and safety in mind, the VDS curtain wall is structurally robust and is a preferred solution across various industries.

As a global industry leader and reputable fire-rated curtain wall supplier, Greenlite Glass Systems proudly carries a variety of safety glass solutions including the VDS Curtain Wall. To learn more about the state-of-the-art curtain wall and its advantages, keep reading:

What is VDS Fire Rated Curtain Walls?

The VDS curtain wall is a fire-rated steel curtain wall system engineered with precision to offer a durable barrier against radiant heat. With fire ratings from 60 to 120 minutes in both interior and exterior openings, VDS fire-rated curtain walls meet the fire-resistive demands of most buildings with ease. Keeping out fire, flames and smoke in case of emergencies, these innovative curtain walls act as a fire-stop when necessary. To further its overall performance, the VDS curtain wall also features a thermal break to help reduce or prevent the flow of thermal energy between conductive materials in case of a fire.

Designed with practicality in mind, VDS curtain walls also offer complete design flexibility without compromising the structural integrity of your building. Featuring streamlined aesthetic, clean lines and tight tolerances (typically associated with extruded aluminum), VDS curtain walls are unparalleled in the industry. Ideal for use in applications that require high-span and self-supporting construction, VDS curtain walls can be used as walls or partitions for separating your workspace, windows, and more.

The Benefits of VDS Fire Rated Curtain Walls

The VDS curtain wall is a comprehensive steel curtain wall system that offers monumental advantages such as:

  • Creativity – The VDS curtain wall allows you to perfectly harmonize components of your building to ensure the potential for freedom of design and uniformity
  • Conjoins – VDS curtain walls can be used in combination with CONTRAFLAM and Forster Fuego fire-resistant doors to further its performance
  • Customizable – Choose the appropriate level of fire-resistance that best suits your building’s needs (options include choosing from fire-ratings ranging from 60/90/120 minutes)
  • Durability – Constructed with reliable, fire-resistive materials such as fire-rated steel and/or glass, VDS fire-rated walls act as a fire stop when necessary, slowing or preventing the passage of flames within the building
  • Performance – VDS curtain walls are not only fire-resistant, but they’re also burglar, bullet, wind, rain, sound transference, and impact resistant.
  • Passive Design – With VDS curtain walls, you can have complete design flexibility over the building’s interior and exterior design, effortlessly achieving a high degree of aesthetic appeal. VDS curtain walls add to the passive design criteria by allowing larger glass panels and in turn, more natural light into the building.
  • Safety – Listed and labelled by Underwriters Laboratories Inc and the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, VDS fire-rated curtain walls are certified to help keep fire, flames and smoke out in case of an emergency
  • User-friendly – Fire-rated curtain walls are multi-functional, easy to install and can be assembled with ease using mechanical T-joints

Searching for a more contemporary look for your building? VDS Curtain Walls are a modern, state-of-the-art solution that delivers fire-resistive and fire-protective properties to protect your building from fire, smoke and impact.

As a global industry leader, Greenlite Glass Systems is a proud supplier of fire rated curtain walls in North America. Maintain aesthetics while enhancing the safety of your building with VDS curtain walls.

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Fire-Rated Glass Frames: Your Project Benefits From Immense Safety and Unparalleled Performance

Fire-Rated Glass has become popular among new property projects for several reasons. The purpose of Fire-Rated Glass is to compartmentalize a space that minimizes the spread of Fire, Smoke and Radiant Heat Transfer in a building.


Fire Rated Glass


Beyond the safety precautions that it helps with, fire-rated glass can become a substitute for other options when it comes to building functionality and structure.

It is a product that produces quality performance for architects and builders to utilize and at Greenlite Glass Systems, there are a variety of these Fire-Rated Glass products to choose from to fit the project you are looking to complete. Understanding the science behind it and how it can adapt to your property will allow you to see the compatibility and benefits fire-rated glass can have for you. Keep reading to learn more about these glass frame options:


Overview of Fire-Rated Glass

The Fire-Rated Glass options are made of glass that is designed to minimize the spread of fire smoke in the case of Fire-Protective Glass. Essentially, the fire-protective glass minimizes the spread but does not limit radiant heat transfer. Fire- Resistive Glass protects against Fire, Smoke and Radiant Heat transfer. It acts as a heat barrier glass. Glass frame options with fire-resistive glass will assist with radiant heat transfer as well. Each fire-rated product will come with a rating of the resistance properties specifically, anything from 20 minutes to 3 hours.


The science behind Fire-Rated Glass

Understanding the science behind these fire-rated glass frame products will provide background knowledge on how it works. Preventing the transfer of heat, fire, and smoke through these products means they act as a barrier so that any accidents will be mitigated well. There is a layer of intumescent layer between the glass panels. When the glass is heated, it is designed to shatter and this intumescent layer is activated and begins to expand; allowing it then repel heat. Pending on the piece of the glass frame, the amount of heat it can repel will change.

Wire glass is old technology from the early 1900s and is very dangerous. It is being phased out because of all the law suites happening. We focus on two types of glass Ceramic(Protective) and Intumescent (Resistive).


Benefits of Fire-Rated Glass

Beyond the reasoning of it being protected against any type of fire and impact, they assist other factors as well. First off, it allows for the freedom of the design. With certain fire-rated products, there is a multitude of possibilities that allows the designer or architect to utilize it for its purpose while providing a product that helps to develop an atmosphere. Pending on the purpose of the project, it can be used to help integrate with the building’s existing design or it can act as a standalone statement piece.

In addition to that, it helps with conserving energy — with various products encouraging natural sunlight rather than lighting, it is able to assist with the functionality of the building itself. Lastly, pending on the project you are working on, this may apply in different contexts, but safety for those that live or work in the building is not only due to these glass products being fire-resistant. They meet and exceed expectations for both safety regulations and designer use.


Product Options

With Greenlite Glass, there are several types of products that are available when it comes to the fire-rated glass options:


1. CONTRAFLAM Structure

This glass solution provides fire-resistive properties for up to 120 minutes (2 hours). For design purposes, the floor-to-ceiling glazing resembles a continuous, uninterrupted glass wall with only silicone joints — it appears as if it is one large piece of glass, thus it allows for maximum sunlight to shine through.



This is a Greenlite Glass product that has been used in over 100 projects worldwide. The glass system meets live loading requirements and is fire-rated from 1-2 hours. It can be used as a non-slip, durable walking surface. The standard live loading is 100 psf.


The ContraFlam provides 60-180 minutes of fire resistance (1-3 hours). The clear glass is filled with an environmentally friendly and transparent chemical mixture, which assists and reacts in the event of a fire. Note: Contraflam has both EPD and HPD certificates which speak to the sustainability of the product.



This is a ceramic glass product that meets fire-protective requirements. This wire-free glazing material is for use in life safety and fire-rated locations. There are various products under Keralite which act as different levels of safety, pending on the purpose and needs of your project. Note: Keralite has both EPD and HPD certificates which speak to the sustainability of the product.


5. VDS FIRE FRAME Structure

These fire frame structures are integrated with fire-rated glazing products so that there can be a fire-resistive solution with complete design flexibility for the designer. Pending on the version of the VDS, there are different levels of fire-resistance.


6. VDS Curtain Wall

With the VDS Curtain Wall, it is a comprehensive Fire-Rated Steel curtain that helps with furthering the fire-resistive properties so that it can assist with providing an additional barrier. They have a rating from 60-120 minutes (1-2 hours).

Overall, Fire-Rated Glass systems have various options when it comes to choosing or finding one that suits the needs of your projects. Trust our Greenlite Glass Systems experts when it comes to understanding which one fits best, and contact our team today to learn more.

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4 Myths About Fire Rated Glass Floors

Fire Rated Glass Floors

What are some of the myths you have heard of about the glass floor? Easy to break? Too thin for industrial use? When it comes to glass floors, LITEFLAM fire-rated glass floor is more than just durable. In case of fire, LITEFLAM glass can trap fire and retain heat and smoke for hours.

As a global leader in fire-rated glass floor manufacturing, Greenlite Glass Systems carries a variety of fire-rated glass solutions, including LITEFLAM walkable skylights and fire-rated glass floors.

Keep reading to learn 4 myth-busting facts about LITEFLAM fire-rated glass floors:

Myth #1: Glass is Not as Strong as Wood, Steel or Concrete

A common misconception about glass floors is that they cannot support heavy loads as glass is known to crack quite easily. However, this is not the case for commercial-grade glass, including LITEFLAM.

Though LITEFLAM features a slim profile of 3.5” in overall thickness, it boasts a standard live loading capacity of 100 pounds per square foot (PSF) and can be engineered to take larger loads if required. Whether the goal is to sustain heavy loads or complement a design, LITEFLAM glass floors can easily compete with traditional floor construction.

Myth #2 Glass is a Safety Hazard

Many also believe that glass floors are slippery and not the most conducive for heavy foot traffic, thereby becoming a safety hazard. However, LITEFLAM consists of CONTRAFLAM® intumescent glass and structural glass that is laminated. The walking surface has a durable baked-on frit that is slip-resistant to prevent any slips or falls.

Aside from helping to avoid slip-and-fall accidents, LITEFLAM is also a fire-rated glass floor. This advanced glass floor system is engineered to retain and direct fire, smoke and radiant heat for up to 1-2 hours. In case of fire, the glass floor will act as a barrier to trap fire, smoke and heat which gives people enough time to evacuate the building.

Myth #3: Glass Floors Have Limited Design

A lot of people believe that it’s not possible to have both aesthetically pleasing and durable floors. That’s why LITEFLAM glass floors are engineered not only for durability and fire-resistance but also for design flexibility. Not only does the LITEFLAM conform to modern design standards, but it can also be customized with decorative colour frits and sandblasted glass, without affecting its fire rating. LITEFLAM can also be used in both interior and exterior applications.

Myth #4: Glass Floors are Susceptible to Heat Loss in the Winter

LITEFLAM is engineered with the vision to create open and light-filled areas without exacerbating the energy and operational costs of a building, particularly during the colder seasons. That’s why each glass panel can be coated with solar control coating for added solar energy access, or customized into a fritted surface to help avoid heat loss.

Additionally, the LITEFLAM features sealed insulated glass unit assemblies to trap and reflect heat back inside the building. This contributes to higher energy efficiency, as reduced heat loss prevents the building’s heating system from overworking and increasing energy bills. Not only does it conserve heat, but LITEFLAM glass floors also bring daylight deep into building interiors, creating scenic visual effects for added design.

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SUPERCONTRYX Glass For Efficient Protection Against X-ray Radiations!

An X-ray imaging test is utilized by doctors to diagnose, monitor and treat various medical conditions without making an incision. Its advantages are plentiful, though there are also added repercussions for both patients and doctors due to overexposure to the radiation, especially when the appropriate protection measures are not in place. Therefore, SUPERCONTRYX – a lead glass should be an extremely important element of your medical facility’s X-ray protection strategy as it attenuates the effect of radiations significantly.

What is SUPERCONTRYX glass?

SUPERCONTRYX is a revolutionary product from the house of Saint-Gobain Group – the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative glass solutions since its birth in 1665. With glass being deeply ingrained in its DNA, the Saint-Gobain group is on a path to establish an unmatchable reputation in the industry.

It is a single glass sheet comprised of 70% heavy elements, and lead oxide contributes to approximately 48% of that part. Its density is 4.8 at the minimum, which is near twice the density of standard glass. SUPERCONTRYX absorbs the energy of ionizing X-rays, thereby providing the utmost protection to any person exposed to that environment. It allows the technicians to clearly view imaging and radiation therapy procedures and can also be effectively put into use in modular and permanent shielding applications. Moreover, you’ll find this glass in a variety of shapes, sizes and thickness levels, depending on the exact requirements of a particular application. The thicker the glass, the higher the degree of radiation protection. The lead glass can also be laminated in order to suit the safety specifications and ensure maximum impact resistance. Standard designs are available in the form of seamed edges (consisting of rough-cut edges with all sharp edges polished), though you can also order flat ground or flat polished designs to meet your requirements.

Just the right glass choice for assorted health-care institutions!

In addition to X-ray rooms, SUPERCONTRYX glass is commonly used in laboratories and operation theatres by private and public hospitals, dentists’ offices, clinics, veterinary practices and radiology areas. Recently, it has also found its application in industries such as research centers and medical equipment manufacturers. Be it a window, door, glazed interior partition or industrial equipment, SUPERCONTRYX glass can be installed anywhere without much hassle by experienced technicians.


You can combine SUPERCONTRYX with PRIVA-LITE active glass to create a glazing unit that rewards you excellent X-ray protection along with the excellent advantages that switchable glass has to offer.

Here is a brief description of PRIVA-LITE glass, various types, and the opportunities it unwraps for the creative interior designer in you:

PRIVA-LITE is a laminated glass that utilizes an innovative liquid crystal technology to provide either a transparent or translucent, frosted effect at the flick of a switch. Also known as an active or switchable glass, PRIVA-LITE comes in two types: XL and Classic that can be adapted to meet different project requirements. Although both constitute the same inherent technology, they have different properties and cannot be installed together.

The Classic option is not available in North America, though you can choose XL to achieve rear projection through the use of a multimedia projector. You can turn this glass panel into a fancy video screen to get a closer look at the sales trajectory or other critical customer data.

PRIVA-LITE XL assures an appropriate influx of sunlight in the room, conjuring an impression of a spacious area. Whether it is a rear-projection screen or a wall isolating the area from external stimuli, the benefits (both functional and aesthetic) you can gain from PRIVA-LITE XL glass are unrivalled.

Installation Guidelines

To fully enjoy the advantages of SUPERCONTRYX, it’s imperative to ensure that the design of the glazing strip and the rabbet is seamless. Ideally, it should be installed inside a building in a heated and dry environment (between 70 C to 400 C. If installed on the exteriors, it should be first laminated, with lead glass sheet facing the interior. SUPERCONTRYX glass is extremely soft and should be handled with extreme care. For cleaning, a conventional cleaner with a soft cloth will suffice.

Want to know more about the incredible benefits of SUPERCONTRYX and PRIVA-LITE glass?


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